Manmeet Singh Grewal

TV Actor Manmeet Singh Grewal was reported to have taken a grave step of suicide because of the depression for repayment of debts.

T.V. Actor Manmeet Singh Grewal had taken a step of committing suicide while in his apartment by hanging to a ceiling fan. Manmeet singh Grewal’s wife had reported that he had many concerns related to debts and his standstill projects due to covid-19. The actor was reported to not afford the rent of his flat of Rs. 8500 also. 

About the suicide taken by T.V. Actor Manmeet Singh Grewal:-

The reports put light that the incident took place in his apartment at Swapnapurti Housing Society in Kharghar on Friday night at 9.30 p.m. The actor had worked in T.V. shows like Aadat Se Majboor and Kuldeepak. Manmeet Singh Grewal’s wife had stated that she was preparing dinner in the kitchen. Manmeet Singh Grewal had quietly gone inside the room and locked it during the time. 

After a couple of times, her wife stated she had heard the noise of the collapsing of a chair which made her rush inside. She found out Manmeet Sing Grewal was hanged by dupatta by a ceiling fan and shrieked for help while lifting his legs. The security personnel arrived and cut the Dupatta and rushed him to Panvel Rural hospital, where he was confirmed to be dead. 

Reason behind the suicide of Manmeet Singh Grewal:-

It was reported that the T.V. The actor was under the great burden of debts. Manmeet Singh Grewal’s wife had even reported that he was under stress for that reason for a couple of days. It was also reported that the actor had taken loans remaining for repayment and due to lockdown even his work was at a standstill.

 It was also reported that the actor had kept some gold ornaments on mortgage. He was also reported to be unable to pay rent for the next month of house for Rs. 8500. Manmeet Singh Greval had been married to his wife for two years now and was mostly surviving on his family residing in Punjab and her. 

Neighbors did not arrive for help on hearing the screams of Manmeet Singh Grewal’s wife:- 

The wife had screamed a lot before security personnel arrived but the neighbors did arrive. The neighbors thought Manmmeet Singh Grewal was infected with covid-19 and feared to come ahead for help. They did not offer any help for bringing his body down and instead called the security for help. They were reluctant to touch the body, however it was reported that Manmeet Singh Grewal did not have covid-19.  

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