Amit Shah shramik trains

Mamta Banerjee on Amit Shah’s letter for not allowing the shramik trains in the state.

Amit Shah had recently written a letter accusing the Bengal Government for the carelessness shown in receiving the shramik trains. Mamta banerjee in her part stated the letter is nothing but full of lies and is mainly done to politicize the issue. The state was also accused due to poor management of coronavirus cases which can actually be seen in the spike of corona cases in West Bengal.

First train to reach Bengal:-

It was last week when the center had provided some relaxations and help for the stranded migrant workers. It was seen their sufferings had no end with losing jobs, poverty and distance from their family. So, the center came up with a relief to start special Shramik trains, even for West Bengal set from Rajasthan Ajmer.   

The train ran from Durgapur via Asansol which was carrying 1,200 migrant workers that successfully reached West Bengal. Accompanying to it there was a tweet by Mamta Banerjee that hoped another successful return of similar count of workers from Kerala. The travel of stranded workers was only permitted after they were tested negative and had been quarantined as soon as they arrived.

Discussion in Lok Sabha on the list not being sent by West Bengal:-

It was reported two days back when there was a discussion between Amit Shah and Adhir Ranjan Chowdhary of Lok Sabha about the migrant workers. It was seen that there was an issue regarding the West Bengal workers for their return in that discussion. Chowdhary had discussed that West Bengal is not responding by sending a list of trains they required for getting back the workers. He also stated that he has asked continuously now but until two days ago, he has not received it. 

Letter by Amit Shah:-

Amit Shah had recently sent a letter to the West Bengal state government bringing into light that the state government is not allowing the Shramik trains. He had quoted it as a form of injustice for countrywide stranded West Bengal workers. Mr. Shah also showed his concern that the Center is trying to help them by sending them home to over two lakh migrants. He even warned that this non-cooperation is doing nothing but increasing their hardships.

Response to his letter:-

Abhishek Banerjee in response to the letter sent addressing the Bengal migrant workers sent a tweet on 9th May; he is nephew of Mamta Banerjee. He states that the Home Minister has at last resumed his duties after observing weeks of silence. He also stated further that its an irony, for someone like him to speak about this issue and accused him further that his government has left people on fate during the covid crisis. 

The IMTC Review:-

This is not the first time the state government and center are clashing, amidst the coronavirus outbreak; it was also seen on the IMTC review based letter sent on Thursday. The IMTC (inter-ministerial central team) had visited Bengal to review on the State handlings of the outbreak. They had given the remark to the administration of Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee to be of an “antagonistic view”. 

The review spoke about the condition there having a very high mortality rate accounting to 13.2% and very low sample testing rate in comparison to the population. The response to it Trinamool Congress her party’s MP Shantanu Sen attacked by accusing that the Union Secretary has sent a letter with charges that are lies and through the letter are playing communal card. He also put charges that the center is showing inefficiency to provide them with resources.  

Bengal has also been included to have potential coronavirus hotspots and was also asked for an increase in surveillance and testing by Dr Harsh Vardhan, Union Health Minister.

On humanitarian grounds, there should be some relief and help provided.    

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