Mahima Chaudhary the incident with the truck which led to her career break as it left 67 glass pieces stuck on her face.

Mahima Chaudhary finally opened up about the incident that had almost taken her life and led to a career break on the way to the studio for her film ‘Dil Kya Kare’. Mahima Chaudhary had also unraveled many of the chilling facts of the incident, that after the incident 67 pieces of glass were stuck on her face.

About the incident that took place with Mahima Chaudhary:-

Mahima Chaudhary had revealed in an interview about the interview which was reported by her to take place on the way back to the studio. She had also stated it happened during the shooting in Bengaluru for ‘Dil Kya Kare’ film while working with Ajay Devgan.
Mahima had stated that her car on the way to the studio met with an accident while hitting a truck, causing the glass pieces stuck on her face. She had further stated that there was no one to take her to the hospital and had the thought that she was dying now.

She only woke up to horror when Ajay Devgan and her mother had reached the hospital and went for discussion.

The aftermath of the accident happened with Mahima Chaudhary:-

Mahima Chaudhary conveyed that when she saw her face in the mirror after the accident in the hospital, she was in shock. Mahima also mentioned various other chilling details that she was made to be stapled and stitched.

She mentioned that during the surgery the doctors had removed about 67 pieces of glass from her face. Mahima Chaudhary was then instructed to remain indoors, not exposed to UV rays so the marks don’t sustain and without a mirror.
She had also mentioned that she had many films lining up but did not reveal anyone. The reason being people back then were not supportive and would have signed someone else.

About the film career of Mahima Chaudhary:-

Mahima Chaudhary had debuted with her film Pardes with Shah Rukh Khan as the co-star; however the accident had a great toll over her career. She was also awarded with regards to her work in the movie with Filmfare best debut actress award. She had also mentioned in the interview that she was not offered after the incident any substantial work yet.

Mahima Chaudhary was also seen in her last seen in the Bengali film ‘Dark Chocolate’ based on the murder mystery of Shera Bora’s murder case. She had also mentioned that her family supported her a lot during this time while she was seen acting up in guest appearances and cameos.

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