Maharashtra day may 1st

Maharashtra state has its own formation day, shining to its existence as a separate state.

Maharashtra state is a state which has bloomed out to be witnessing strong brotherhood, deep rooted traditions and sayings of saints. The Maharashtra state has a majority of Marathi speaking community, though people from every walks of life unite and celebrate Maharashtra Day. 

May 1, is a significant day in itself it marks, International workers day as well as Maharashtra has its own birth date today. The Maharashtra Day is celebrated as on this day it received its own unique identity from a part to whole. It is celebrated to pay heed and tribute to the martyrs on its blood shredded history.

Maharashtra, a name in itself defining a great nation (Maha and Rashtra), is one of the biggest states in itself. It runs wide left to right and is ranked as the third largest state in the country with the second most populous states. This state emerged as a separate identity, in the year 1960.

The time goes back when Maharashtra, Gujarat were part of the same Bombay state. The various linguistic communities rose up to have their own separate states when India had become an independent country. The demand for Maharashtra as a separate state began in 1940 itself, before the independence but got a backlog because of the Quit India movement and World War II.

In the year 1956 Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru had announced the Bombay state was declared as a union state, however some other states like Kerala and Karnataka got a focus of emerging as separate states.

In the 1950s (SMS) came into formation demanding Maharashtra as a separate state with Marathi speaking community as a majority. The adamant and ignorant behavior of the Government and the central drove people to observe a strike at the Flora Fountain. The strike ended violently and hundreds of people were fired by the police, naming it as Hutatma Chowk. The state got a separate identity and Bombay became its capital. Present day Mumbai is the financial capital of the country. 

The massacre was grieved upon and to commemorate the martyrs for their sacrifice, it is celebrated as Maharashtra Day. The country is experiencing a complete lockdown, though it was celebrated with great enthusiasm before. The state people organize events at the Shivaji Park and celebrate with ceremonies and parades. 

The schools in the state have functions for students, sometimes accompanying traditional Lavani dance. Students conduct rallies in enthusiasm contributing to the celebration. The Governor especially the regional Shiv Sena party gives speeches and organizes events. 

This day is celebrated as a pride for the people to be the part of the state. the state has come forward as a great contributor to the country in areas like agriculture, technological development and industrialization. Maharashtra is rich with culture, tradition, heritage and biodiversity. The Maharashtra tourism is one of the best with forts, Gateway of India, Ajanta and Ellora caves etc. 

It is the state where some of the greatest kings of history have walked on its land. The state is the highest among all states for coronavirus cases and deaths though in present.

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