Love Aaj Kal: A must watch in your Lockdown watch list

Love Aaj Kal portraying a complicated love story, yet is capable of beating your lockdown blue. This film starring newcomers and a Gen Y love story is a must watch with its availability on many streaming platforms.


Love Aaj Kal has become a trending new love story in the new generation although it faced a lot of critics. The film starring the most enjoyed duo Kartik Aryan and Sarah Ali Khan, surely won lots of hearts. The articulately written script and the direction of Imtiaz Ali top it up all and make it a treat to the eyes of viewers. 

The various complications and twists coming in the plot symbolise true human emotions. The film runs by narrating two stories together. One of them is the modern day love story of Zoe and Veer and the second one a 90s love story of Leena and Raghuvendra.The film starts with Zoe and Veer meeting each other at the barZoe and Veer leave the bar, though Veer declines to spend the night, leaving Zoe agitated. Later on he follows her and at last is confronted by her. 

While a flash back scene of Raghu walking down the memory lane as he treated Leena just as Veer. On the other hand, Zoe’s mom tells her to choose love or career. So, she refused Veer’s marriage proposal.

After a few years, she saw Veer hanging out with another girl leaving her heartbroken. This drove her to hang out with multiple guys and one night a guy left her in the middle of the road in an intoxicated state. Zoe called Veer for help and learnt he was going to The Himalayas for 2years.

Raghu goes into flashback and narrates after a few years, he visits Leena and finds her pregnant. It was the last time he saw her. Raghu directs not to make the mistake as he did. After hearing him, Zoe went in search of Veer in the Himalayas and reunited with him. She agrees to take a leap with him when asked by him. 


  • The love story has a long running time which is actually a point of some of the critics. The film is to be experienced for its best cinematography and performance by the actors. The movie is also criticised to be confusing and messed by some critics.

  • It has gained some negative reviews but the fans have a different story in itself. Some of them are relating it to the new age love story and how young minds are making choices. They loved the chemistry above all.

  • While, some appreciated the way the director has shaped the characters. Each character of the film has its unique traits and symbolises some traits of real life people. Zoe is a young ambitious girl who always kept her career ahead. She realised what she had lost after her achievements. Veer, a character that never gave up on love or Zoe and always respected her choices. Raghu realised his mistake and prevented Zoea from making it. Leena had an Infinite Ocean of love for Raghu even after his mistakes.

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