LOCKDOWN LATEST UPDATES: Rajasthan,Punjab and Odisha.

In the COVID-19 pandedemic india has lockdown of 3 week but some states has Extended their lockdowns Due to More Spread of Coronavirus 



Lockdown extended in rajasthan upto 30th april adding on 2 more weeks in lockdown. It is announced on 10 th april 2020 by Chief Minister of Rajasthan Ashok Ghelot. Extension of lockdown will effect the growth of positive no. of cases of Corornavirus which is gone upto 90+ in Rajasthan as well as higher fresh Death rate which is 7+.This decision was take after discussing with some of peoples through video conferencing and Desicion taken for the betterment of public health.


Due to crowd in sabji madi’s and other market place Government of Punjab seen higher no.of spreading of Covid-19 which leads to make cerfew extends upto 1st of May 2020. Again Decision is taken which the help of all representatives and Taken by Cheif Minister of Punjab Captain Amarinder singh, decision was taken on 10th of april 2020 on friday. Punjab Government also maks facemasks compulsory for the people going out for essential needs.


Odisha  was the first state who taken decision for extend the lockdown and also taken the decision of keeping Educational Institutes closed upto june 17. Due to crowd in educational institutes like School, Colleges,Universtites is high where the risk of spreading of covid-19 is very high therefore Government of Odisha takes decision for closing schools upto June 17.
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