Lockdown 4.0 with more relaxations and less restrictions.

PM Modi in his live speech had addressed about the Lockdown 4.0 to expect to learn to live with coronavirus. This could be witnessed as many states lift up the curbs for the Lockdown 4.0. There are some other states on the other side which demand for extension of lockdown. Some other states are with the point of view to reopen the green zones completely, orange zones to restart with some restrictions and containment zones with complete restrictions.

About the Lockdown 4.0 extension in some states:-

The center had requested for various suggestions to get from various State Governments. However, it has been reported the final guidelines shall be decided by the center itself. Some of the states like Maharashtra, Telangana, West Bengal, Punjab and Assam have requested to extend the period of lockdown. The Mizoram Government favored an extension till 30th May in its state. 

While Punjab and Bihar, are also in favor of extending the lockdown keeping the current situation in mind. There are also some states along with the Union Territories requesting for making decisions regarding 733 districts.

What would be the Lockdown 4.0 like?

There are several expectations for the Lockdown 4.0 in different states, with certain relaxations to reopen. The current scenario indicates economic activities like, industries, offices, etc. to resume. The intra-district travel is likely to resume with certain restrictions and inter-state only with travel passes.

 The delivery services and movement of taxis and some public transports are also likely to increase. Educational institutes are likely to declare it summer holidays and places with large public gatherings like Religious places, malls etc. to remain shut. Marriages and Funerals are allowed with certain relaxations and with a certain number of attendees.

The expected relaxations state wise for Lockdown 4.0:-

The relaxations pertaining to Maharashtra indicates to ease relaxations in non-affected areas for gradual flow in economy. Delhi State Government has favored opening of many public places like malls and offices with controlled footfall. Gujarat is in favor of reopening economic activities in urban areas. 

Karnataka along with Rajasthan State government is in favor of resuming inter-state travel, Kerala State Government is in favor too with a travel pass. However, the Bihar and Jharkhand State Governments favored its restrictions. Kerala State Government also favored resumption of transport activities and other places like hotels for reviving tourism. Tamil Nadu to ease the restrictions except for containment zones. 

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