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Liquor sales resumed in Kerala on Thursday however its liquor BevQ App received a lot of criticism and technical problems.

Kerala finally commenced the sale of liquor after dry days observed in the state for two months. Kerala to counter the problem of overcrowding had launched BevQ app, however it faced many criticism by users while facing technical issues.

The commencement of liquor sales in Kerala through the BevQ app:-

Kerala had reported to halt the liquor sales during the last week of March following 2 months of dry days in the state. However, the state Government gave an announcement of its commencement through Kerala State Beverages Corporation (BevCo). 

The corporation which is Government owned surely witnessed a monopoly; however things did not work very well with app. There were violations over the protocols laid down for social distancing and of covid-19 as a consequence outside liquor shops.

 The state Government having an expectation of raising Rs. 2000 crore annually had surged the liquor price by 10% to 35%. 

About BevQ app:-

BevQ app which was made available on Google Play store has been developed by Faircode Technologies Private Limited the app which is a startup based in Kochi. The BevQ App was developed keeping in mind to stop the overcrowding as it offers application of virtual queue. 

The problems encountered by the BevQ app:-

Google play witnessed downloads for the app by 9 lakh users and 2.15 lakh tokens in the BevQ app recorded at 6p.m. as far as the first day sales were concerned. The tokens issued also required verification by the counters through QR code which failed technically. 

The people made bookings also faced issues of long hours and were witnessed by large queues at the counters because of such issues. The security personnel had also encountered a tough time for controlling people outside the shops. 

The people that did not avail tokens through BevQ app also lined up adding to the inconvenience. Many of the users also had reported issues regarding download and late OTP generation from the app. There were other series of problems that users faced in finding the app when searched for downloading it. 

Some other problems could be categorized as issuance of tokens in counters with locations that are non-feasible for the user. This delay of OTP also caused inconvenience as the SMS provided 1,100 SMS, the tokens, adding to the load. 

The criticism received by the BevQ app:-

It was reported that 2.5 star ratings were being given to the BevQ app by an estimation of 8,268 reviewers for the performance of the app. The frustrated reviewers through the experience of the app even stated app to be substandard. There was also a comment that conveyed that purpose has not been served effectively however the initiative is good.  

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