Lenovo supports its community during covid-19.

Lenovo during the pandemic quotes that the pandemic has certainly caused challenges but it finds generosity and resilience in its community. Lenovo cares about its community and is doing every possible thing for their healthy well-being and is trying to bring everything to normal. Its Philanthropic response is valued at 12 million dollars while focusing on three areas. 

These areas are crucial and include support to distance education, providing personal protective equipment and technology to hospitals. It also includes general community support that is provided to areas where their employees work and reside by Company. 

Lenovo’s majority response focus:-

The majority of responses by Lenovo have been focusing on students and educators. This response is about 60 % for the requirement of hardware to connect by them while schools are closed for learning. The donation constitutes $2.4 million for supporting distance learning in hardware donation in North America. 

It also constitutes support for distance learning along with the partnership of China Foundation for Poverty Alleviation   of about $1.4 million in China’s Hubei province. It also constitutes donation for service and software donations to enable security and distance education of $1.3 million. 

Lenovo technology’s response on frontline workers:-

IT equipment has been provided by Lenovo for optimizing hospital operations, easing the stress of isolation and connecting the patients to loved ones in the hospitals. while focusing 30% of its global response, has donated $2.4 million for IT infrastructure and equipment. 

This includes donations to Wuhan’s hospitals with 280 tablets, 1200+ computers, 660 printers and other support and software. The donations of personal protective equipment have constituted to $400k+. This has been done to countries like India, Italy, Spain, U.S. and Brazil. 

Other donations and responses made by Lenovo during the global pandemic:-

Lenovo has also made the donation for research work of coronavirus in partnership with Intel for providing resources of about $2 million in technology to BGI Genomics. There was also a donation made for studying early survivors of the virus in the city of Wuhan to the China Foundation for Health Promotion of $145K. 

Lenovo has also been working with the aim to address needs out of their core strategy. It has also made its donation of $1 million for community support and for matching the market in the world for employee giving. Lenovo has also announced an extension for free global warranty till May 31st 2020, an addition of 75 days for all its products.

 Company has also quoted that we are in this together and has urged to be thoughtful and safe, along with that to find ways to support each other too.     

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