FIR against Sonia Gandhi?Know why KV Praveen lodged a FIR against Sonia Gandhi.

The FIR lodged, regarding the misleading tweets, reported from the Congress Party’s official Twitter handle was done by Advocate, KV Praveen. These tweets were reported to have been made on 11th May and the FIR was lodged in Karnataka against Sonia Gandhi.

About the FIR lodged against Sonia Gandhi:-

Advocate KV Praveen, a BJP activist had lodged the FIR in accordance to the misleading tweets, against Sonia Gandhi, Congress interim President. The FIR against Sonia Gandhi was lodged in Shivamogga, Karnataka in Sagar Taluk. 

The charges under which the FIR was lodged were Sections 153 (provoking with intent to cause riot) and 505 (Inducing to public mischief). These sections under the penal code have identified Sonia Gandhi as Twitter account handle. 

Why was the FIR Lodged against Sonia Gandhi?

In accordance with the FIR made, it came into sight that the tweets made were marked misappropriation, with baseless and false accusations. The advocate had also claimed to have collected proper evidence and then lodged the FIR. KV Praveen had also stated that the tweets made would cause rumors and distrust among the people. 

Some of the Tweets as stated by KV Praveen were the tweets made on 11th May by the Twitter account handled byCongress party. These include a tweet claiming PM Cares fund as PM Cares Fraud and PM was enjoying foreign trips through these funds. There were a series of such tweets as stated by KV Praveen on the basis of which he had lodged the FIR against Sonia Gandhi. 

It has also been reported that the PM Cares Fund had collected 3100 crores and announced 200 crores for buying 50,000 Made in India Ventilators. The funds of Rs 1000 crores were used for the care and help of the distressed migrants and another Rs 100 crores was used for vaccine development support. 

The reaction of Congress Party over the FIR lodged against Sonia Gandhi:-

The Congress central leadership, however after the FIR had accused BJP Government for playing the Vendetta politics. The party had also sent the letter regarding the FIR that got lodged against Sonia Gandhi. The letter urged for its withdrawal and was sent to Yediyurappa, Karnataka Chief Minister. The party had also made an urge to Yogi Adityanath, CM of Uttar Pradesh with regard to reconsider his decision. The reason being Ajay Kumar Lallu on Wednesday had been arrested two times.  

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