KGF 2 LEAKED!! KGF makers had threatened and accused a local Telugu Channel had illegally run the movie.

One of the hits starring the actor Yash had reported accusations on Telugu local channels. The accusations carried the threat and anger of the makers for running the film illegally. 

About KGF: Chapter 1 movie:-

The KGF film has been known to be one of the greatest films to the cast and the crew. It has got much recognition and emerged as the highest grossing Hindi dubbed movie at position 4. The movie being released in five Indian languages had explicitly grossed 250 crores as a box office hit. The movie revolves gracefully around the story around a child seen as taking birth in the Kolar Gold Fields (KGF) in grave poverty.

 The scene further commence the story of his arrival in Mumbai at a tender age and becoming a Mafia Don brought up from poverty. He is with the aim to fulfill his mother’s desire to see him powerful and reach as well as to free his people from slavery. The film is also coming up this year with its sequence awaited by fans as KGF chapter 2.

Accusations laid by the makers of KGF for airing its Chapter 1 illegally:-

The producer of this box office hit movie, Karthik Gowda, brought in light of the Twitter with a Tweet of the illegally aired film and a picture of it. It was reported that the film got illegally aired by Every, a cable channel. It was stated by the producer that the satellite deal finalization was on its way, while they encountered this incident. 

The producer further added in its statement that the channel won’t go empty handed by doing this and they shall sue them for it. The producer also stated that the delay of airing KGF was because of the pandemic and this incident occurred. The producer even threatens on the basis of videos and screenshots for taking appropriate legal actions.

They even informed the satellite deal to be unaffected and legally suing the illegal airing of KGF. 

The reactions of Fan on the Tweet posted by makers:-

The Tweet got even more flabbergasting responses from fans into the focus of the producers leaving them in awe. The fans poured in with comments of informing the producers on their individual experience of similar incidents. The fans reported that it has been aired many times on their local channels illegally and it is not for the first time. 

Some of the fans even encountered them with questions for the reason of suing as it has happened previously too and this time they are taking action. Some of the fans even took this opportunity to express their excitement for chapter 2 of KGF. The reaction of producers was jaw-dropping as they stated that they were unaware about the piracy of KGF and its illegal airing.

About the KGF chapter 2:-

The immense success and fans KGF Chapter 1 receives, has made the producers even more forward for creating another success. The film is even more awaited as it is going to star Raveena Tandon and Sanjay Dutt along with Yash. It would be a pleasing clash between Yash and as a villain Sanjay Dutt. 

The film has currently come to a stop for its making because of the pandemic though it is in the production’s final stage. The team had announced the release date initially on 23 October but for no avail can push it ahead in December.

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