Kerala: Man slaughters self; family says govt didn’t reconstruct house harmed in 2019 floods

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42-year-elderly person has ended it all in Wayanad region of Kerala. His relatives said he was vexed for not getting any assistance from the legislature to modify his home that was harmed in the 2019 Kerala floods. 

The family said the person in question, Sanal, didn’t gangs any archives for his harmed house and land. 

His body was discovered hanging inside his transitory house in Meppadi territory of Wayanad area. He is made due by his significant other and two little girls. 

His relatives state he didn’t get government help since he had no archives for his harmed house, and this furious him. 

The nearby police in Meppadi have propelled a test for unnatural passing. They said starter appraisal shows that he ended it all because of monetary reasons. 

Addressing India Today television, Sanal’s sibling stated, “He was confronting money related issues. His home got totally harmed in August 2019 during the floods and he didn’t get any assistance to remake it.””For very nearly 50 years, this land had been with his family. In any case, they didn’t have any records. They recorded applications with the nearby gram sabha and the town panchayat yet it didn’t help.” 

The family had developed a brief shed to live with the assistance of local people and different family members. This is the place his body was discovered holding tight Tuesday morning.

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