Delhi lockdwon 3.0 relaxations

Delhi’s relaxations in lockdown 3.0 to recover loss.

Delhi’s CM Arvind Kejriwal recently announced certain relaxations, to be made in Delhi’s 3.0 lockdown. He had stated that the state revenue has been hit badly and would reopen certain prohibitions. All the zones would be lifted from lockdown except the contaminated zones; these relaxations are according to the center’s guidelines.

Delhi has recorded a spike in cases with 427 new corona positive cases coming into account. The cases touch the figure of 4,549 and there are fortunately no deaths in the past 24 hours. The numbers of deaths stand at 64 deaths unturned. Delhi had declared all its zones as the red zones and now would turn them into green zones, easing certain relaxation in lockdown 3.0.

The CM had addressed in a digital conference to the center that the containment zones be sealed and converts the whole Delhi which is in Red zone to Green zone. He had conveyed his concern that with the quarantine situation people not going to work and industries and other sectors shutting down, very low revenue was collected. He stated further that they are facing a shortage in the pay for Government staff and to run the state.

He remarked that the state had barely put together Rs. 350 crores 

That didn’t even account to the normal revenue collected of Rs. 3500 crores usually collected. He even put forth a harsh reality that the state people would have continued to stay with coronavirus as the virus won’t go sooner and the economy would go downhill. The CM also assured that the state has managed enough PPE kits and arrangements in hospitals for a situation of spike in cases.

Arvind Kejriwal passed a list of relaxations in lockdown 3.0 including the essential shops following odd-even policy to open for the state people. Delhi has announced that for no public transport, commute would be allowed only by personal vehicle. The four-wheeler would be allowed to commute with 2 rear passengers and two-wheelers only with a driver and a passenger.   

The movement for non-essential purposes by the people has been permitted between 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. The private office would be permitted to be opened only with 33% of its staff self-employed workforce like plumber, sanitation worker, and maids etc. to be permitted. The final decision remains with RWA but if residents permit and RWA doesn’t then the government would have to come up to resolve the matter. 

In lockdown 3.0 the public transports comprising, metro, cycle-rickshaw, cabs would have no permission to work. The shops dealing with non-essential goods along with liquor, cigarettes, pan shops to be opened for a time period of 9 a.m. to 6.30 p.m. The private and commercial firms also with I.T. enabled services like call centers, cold storage, warehouses etc. to be opened along with industries and factories. The state has also extended the limit of funerals to 20 and marriages to 50 attendants.

The places with maximum gatherings like malls, coaching center, gymnasiums, theatres, barber shops remain completely shut for the state people. The agriculture sector would be started with full-fledged and other non-essential shops with stationary and print services to open too. Apart from the relaxations in lockdown 3.0 people above 65 years especially have illnesses and pregnant women to remain indoors for lowering the risk of infection to them.