Karnataka has adopted the new relaxation

Attention!!! Karnataka has adopted the new relaxation for allowing the commute of inter-state buses.

The Karnataka state government has recently allowed the inter-transport of people wishing to go to different states. This has been particularly done for stranded students, migrant workers and other people. This has been successfully launched with an app called Seva Sindhu.

Seva Sindhu App:-

The app is launched by the Karnataka State Government for helping out in inter-state travel. It was initially launched as a medium through which state people can avail Governmental services. The app catering to the objectives of faceless, paperless and cashless is now acting as an asset to help migrant workers stranded to reach their native states.

The application requires residential address, name and mobile number to be registered on seva sindhu.karnataka.gov.in. Then one has to select one of the options that include, traveling to Karnataka from other countries or from Karnataka to other states or from other states to Karnataka. Afterwards, one has to fill the required criteria in the following forms that come up. 

Inter-state Transport:-

The Seva Sindhu Portal is now providing support to different stranded people to reach their native states. The State has now provided them with an option to avail services by State Road Transport Corporations on a payment basis for their return to their native places. The people having completed their registration on Seva Sindhu portal have the facility to hire Road Transportation Corporation (RTC) buses for travelling to the neighboring Southern states.

It was seen that various trains running diligently to transport workers to their native places have earned great success. This move by the Karnataka State Government would work as an alternative mode of transport for inter-state movement. There would be proper precautionary measures, social distancing and medical check-up done before transport. The Karnataka State Government making relaxations for people to hire Stu buses to reach their destinations has plans for other buses too. 

The students, migrant workers can now avail KSRTC/NWKRTC/NEKRTC buses on the basis of payment to travel from the state of Karnataka with proper permission given by proper authorities. It was stated byT K Anil Kumar about the information from Disaster Management. It has also come to notice this kind of facility would be made use from KSRTC/NWKRTC/NEKRTC/BMTC regarding the transport of workers to industries similarly on a payment basis. 

KSRTC buses:-

The transport of stranded KSRTC buses, as stated by officials is going to be done, for that reason they are working on different plans. They have now started contacting registered people on the app to collect different necessary details. These include destinations wished by passengers, so that they can do the deployment of buses on increase in demand basis. 

These would be operated effectively for the passengers to pick up from different points. These buses would be non-ac, running at half of initial capacity to implement social distancing and with other mandatory conditions. These include proper screening through medical check up and making it mandatory for wearing masks. Apart from these, thermal canning would be mandatory before being allowed to board.  

The fares are yet to be decided as KSRTC had received a backlash for charging high prices during the travel of migrant workers. The charge included Rs. 39 to be charged per kilometer for two way fare at full seat basis and split into 50% passengers, that the bus was carrying. The buses then started free travel of migrant workers following the criticism. 

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