Karl Marx

Karl Marx- The mind that stormed an intellectual drive and raised a voice against capitalism.

Karl Marx, a well-known philosopher and whose anecdotes are till date repeated in every line of philosophical conversation. He rebelled against the exploitative capitalists and had a one size fits all point of view for the society. One of his famous books Communist Manifesto is a feast to scholars as it presents capitalist exploitation with perfection.

The world is celebrating one of the great philosophers of the 18th Century, Karl Marx on his 202nd birthday. Marx in the 18th century had strongly opposed the political establishment that had generated his philosophies through his works and thoughts. He could be seen as a critique in present time for the capitalists that were exploiting labours. He had made a division of society according to haves and has notes. 

Karl Marx who was a sociologist, revolutionary, economist and historian was born in 1818, Prussia province among the nine children of his father. His parents were originally Jews but later converted to Judaism and joined the Evangelical Church of Prussia.Karl Marx was known to be an average student in his early years and received home education until 12 and then spent 5 years in school. 

Karl Marx went to the University of Bonn in 1835, the environment there was of a rebellious culture. He had reported to be imprisoned too for his alcoholism, violating peace, incurred some debts and for fighting a duel. This made his father enrol him in a University with more strict rules and transferred him to University of Berlin.

However, he participated in groups connected to the members that criticised the political establishments. Seeing the enthusiasm of participation of him in the group made his father anxious and he described the demons of his son. Marx took no name of stopping and received his doctorate from University of Jenna. It was thought he would start teaching but instead his radical politics drove him to start journalism. This led to Marx becoming an editor of a liberal newspaper Rheinische Zeitung, which was later suppressed by the government, making him resign his post.

After three months from resignation he finally got married to Jenny von Westphalen and settled in Paris.Karl Marx founded the political journal Deutsch-Französische Jahrbücher in association with Arnold Ruge. The journal did not run so long as it witnessed philosophical differences between two of them leading to its end. Later on, he met Friedrich Engels who collaborated with him and remained a lifelong friend. 

They together published many things like The Holy Family, Communist Manifesto etc. Marx had written a revolutionary work against Vorwärts! That made him expelled from France and moved to Belgium. Marx received an intellectual enhancement as Moses Hess, introduced him with socialism. There he developed his first theory on the prevailing historical materialism ‘German Ideology’, though was not published until his death. 

He also founded Communist Correspondence Committee to connect the socialists present all over Europe. They were asked to write Manifest der Kommunistischen Partei. This way his revolutionary work came forth from The Communist Manifesto. Later on, he was expelled from many places like France, Belgium and Britain denied his citizenship though he remained in London until his death. 

Marx worked as a journalist for 10 years at New York Daily Tribune and during these years he concentrated on economic and capitalism theory. Thereafter he published the first volume of another great work Das Kapital. Marx died out of pleurisy in London and his additional manuscripts of the work remained unpublished. Marxism is still in present times compared with the current situation and studied by philosophers.  

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