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Just Herbs is going to make the most awaited launch of herb-enriched ayurvedic lipsticks made from local ingredients.

Just Herbs is going to launch 16 glamorously green shades of ayurvedic lipstick which are made of local ingredients. The even more unique fact is that each shade is named after the amazing Indian women who helped behind creating them. The samples of these jaw-dropping ayurvedic lipsticks have been made available as sample kits too.  

About the announcement made by Just Herbs:-

Just Herbs has made an announcement on social media platforms about the launch which is going to happen. The brand after 4, 00,000 samples, thousands of reviews and 9 months of research is finally going to make the launch. The brand also mentioned some of the details of the herb-enriched ayurvedic lipsticks. 

These ayurvedic lipsticks are made from local ingredients such as sesame oil and ghee. The brand has also announced that these 16 “#glamouroslygreen”shades of lipstick have a unique importance behind their names. Each shade of the ayurvedic lipstick is named after the Indian women who helped Just Herbs to create them.

 Just Herbs along with the announcement has posted a video of the same, about the shades and the Indian women they are named behind. The brand has got so many comments from their customers, who are waiting for the launch after the exhilarating announcement.

About the shades of the herb-enriched ayurvedic lipsticks, going to be launched by Just Herbs:-

The brand had used the crowd sourcing method behind the creation of ayurvedic lipsticks, the same method used by the brand for decking shades of BB creams. The brand had sent crowdsourcing kits for the same and from thousands of reviews and selfies, came out with beautiful results. 

The inspiration behind the shade no. 1 is Bhavana, with the pink shade from her even gorgeous selfie posted on social media. The shade no.2 is peach pink that caught attention from Kriystal, while she was flaunting at a party. The shade No.3 is from the 10 year old reviewer Anika behind the bright pink shade. 

The Shade No. 4 is inspired from Tiltu, for the deep pink shade. The shade deep red, shade No. 5 is inspired from who helped them tune it and carried it grace. The selfie by Serin is behind the Shade No. 6 which is burnt red. The beautiful photograph from Dollie is behind the mauvish brown, Shade no. 7. 

Margee is behind the inspiration of shade no. 8 which is rosebrown. Shiwangi is behind the inspiration of shade no. 9 which is peachy coral. Jenita’s suggestion is the inspiration behind the plum brown shade no.10. Jovita’s feedback is the inspiration behind mauve pink shade no. 11. 

Aakshi is the inspiration behind shade no.12, medium nude brown and Israa behind shade no.13, mocha brown. Neepa is behind the shade no. 14 of taupe, Swagata behind the shade no.15, of subtle tea rose pink and Nikita behind shade no. 16 of caramel medium brown.

About the campaign started by Just Herbs:-

Just herbs had started a campaign on 19th September 2019 for deciding the shades of these glamorously green lipsticks. The brand had distributed crowdsourcing kits and asked the customers to decide their way.

 It required to share a selfie wearing the shade liked the most, clicking a selfie and posting it while tagging Just Herbs along with #makingmakeuphealthy and #glamorouslygreen. The sample kits of these gorgeous ayurvedic lipsticks are available on the Just Herbs site with the best customer reviews.

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