Jacqueline Fernandez on youtube

Jacqueline Fernandez Youtube channel?

Jacqueline Fernandez had a live video chat on Netflix quiz on the Youtube channel OK tested.OK Tested is dominating Youtube coming up with fun challenges, quizzes and many more. The channel recently in covid-19 is posting videos by doing these quizzes and challenges through video calls. The channel had recently featured Jacqueline Fernandez in their Netflix challenge.

About the Quiz video posted by OK Tested:-

The video in which Jacqueline appeared as a surprise guest was a Netflix quiz. The video was hosted by Akshay one of the anchors and had its participants as other anchors which included Kaustabh, Sadhika and Kanishk. The video was a live chat and the participants were only informed about a surprise guest. The video had a duration of almost 13 minutes of the Netflix quiz.

The reaction on the surprise appearance of Jacqueline Fernandez:-

 The video went on with a lot of excitement with some struggling with answers and some boosting with confidence. The video rushed with a whole lot of fun and jokes and after about 3 questions there was a doorbell ring, which left everyone in wonder. Then suddenly, Jacqueline Fernandez joins the video call, leaving everyone awestruck.

 The most instant reaction was from Kanishk to clarify whether she is alive and other expressions just show their excitement. She was given a warm welcome by everyone and their most amazing reactions. She had even extended her happiness and remarked that she herself was very happy in her home quarantine. She was even more curious and excited about knowing the quiz and looked forward to it. 

Description of the video with Jacqueline Fernandez:-

The video gets even more amazing with her joining and after 3 questions she started asking questions. The video became interesting to be watched after Jacqueline Fernandez became the host and she started to vibe with participants perfectly. She even promoted her recent Netflix series Mrs. Killer. Akshay even askd about her journey from Murder 2 to Mrs. Killer. She even said it was great working with the cast of Mrs. Killer.

The questions asked during the quiz:-

The first question asked the directors of the web series lust stories on Netflix. The next question asked was about the original Spanish name of Money Heist. The next question asked about the number of Netflix originals starring Radhika Apte. The next question asked was to tell the name of the virtual assistant that is too hot to handle.

 The next question was to identify a monster character through an image. So, if you have not watched the video you can rush your brains on these questions and check your knowledge about Netflix.

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