jackal disguising as meat

12 tribes blew the jaw of a jackal disguising as meat, while Anushka Sharma also fumed on this act.

The inhuman conduct was highlighted on Monday when 12 tribal men belonging to Narikuravar community had stuffed country made bombs in meat to lure the jackal. The barbaric act done in order to procure Jackal’s teeth and meat got highlighted when they were spotted with its carcass and arrested by Policemen on the Monday morning. 

About the inhuman act done by blowing the jaw of jackal:-

The inhuman act was conducted near Jeeyapuram in Trichy by 12 remorseless tribal men that were reported to be belonging to the Narikuravar tribal community. It was reported that these tribal people on Sunday had gone for harvesting honey, however no sooner they spotted the Jackal they prepared to hunt it. 

These 12 men stuffed the country made bomb into meat and carefully placed the bomb wherever the animal is more likely to roam. They devised this merciless bait in order to procure the meat and teeth of the Jackal. These bombs are like the onion bombs available in Diwali that blast on application of pressure, while blowing the jaw of Jackal. 

How they were arrested for causing the barbaric act over Jackal?

The tribal men were reported to have carried the carcass of the Jackal in a shady bag suspected by police on Monday morning. They had halted near Mekkudi village at a tea stall and were drinking tea while the cop suspected the shady bag.

The cop then discovered the carcass of the animal on inquiry, who was from Jeeyapuram station and they were immediately arrested.

About the 12 arrested for conducting the merciless act over the Jackal:-

The police constable after the arrest had made the Forest Department aware about this incident. The department has also started investigation from where they have procured the bombs. The chains of events, which have led to the arrest of these 12 tribal men, were also confined by C Kokila, Deputy Superintendent of Police (Jeeyapuram). 

The 12 remorseless men were identified as Raju, Ramraj, Sarathkumar, Devadas, Saravanan, Yesudas, Sathyamoorthy and Sarathkumar. The other names included were Pandian, Vijayakumar, Patampillai, Rajamanikam and Raju. 

Anushka Sharma on the killing of Jackal:- 

Anushka Sharma expressed her anger while sharing a news piece on her Instagram handle and expressed her anger for the same. She had stated that such type of inhuman activity and animal cruelty has become a trend now and it is disheartening to even read about it. She concluded while stating that for stricter laws against animal cruelty one cannot stress out enough.              

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