International Dance Day

International Dance Day: A day dedicated to the art of dance.

Dance has come up as a common language for expressing emotions by the people. It does not divide anyone or restricts anyone on the basis of any criteria. The International Dance Day is all about enhancing and creating awareness of this art form. Apart from, global reach dance has also been a major component of Indian culture. It has been defining various expressions, cultures and grace in various forms but in its own unique way.

The International Dance day started by the main associate with UNESCO for the field of performing arts, International Theatre Institute (ITI). The day is celebrated every year since its foundation in 1982 as a tribute to Jean-Georges Noverre, who had created modern ballet. International Dance day is a wake-up call to people to discover the hidden dancer in them and to pause for a moment.

The day is celebrated with a grand Gala event by the International dance Institute which is cancelled this year due to covid-19. This event is a flagship event where the best dancers all over the world are invited. There are many other activities along with dance performances that are conducted with the sole purpose of giving dance education. 

The International Dance Day can be celebrated in every country and every region too with their own unique way. ITI itself every year sends a message and translates in many languages for the day’s promotion globally. There are also different events all over the world for the promotion of dance and identifying different talented souls. 

Dance has been symbolising the culture and traditions of India. It has been a varied identity for each state but with the same unifying Indian values. Dance called as nrutya in India is also promoted this day. India has witnessed a rich tradition of dance and one needs to identify them this day. India has dance forms like Bharatnatyam, neoclassic, Odissi, Thandava, Kuchipudi, Kathak, Chau, Kathakali, and Manipuri etc. dance forms

Indian news is flooded with different prominent dance Gurus imparting education by going live or through video-calling. Gurus like Geeta Chandran, Kaushalya Reddy, Shovana Narayan, etc. are finding their own ways to continue teaching amidst the quarantine. People are joining on various platforms for celebrating International Dance day on various platforms. Social media is flooded with new trends and with hashtags like #international dance day.

Another attempt could be seen is the conversation of Rama Vaidyanathan with Akhila Krishnamurthy which would be an Instagram live session at 6pm. Actress Madhuri Dixit has also come up with a great idea and took this opportunity to celebrate dance. She has come up with an online dance festival. 

She has come up with the idea of online experience of dance through her dance academy. She even urged the dance fanatics to register for the first edition of Dance with Madhuri (DWM) festival on 29th and 30th April. It would be streaming live on all social handles with other classes by masters like Saroj Khan, Farah Khan accompanying with a performance by Madhuri and Pandit Birju Maharaj. So let’s groove up our dance moves with music today.

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