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Here is why nepal released new map.

The Ministry of External Affairs of India had stated the artificial enlargement in the revised map released by Nepal is unacceptable. Nepal on 20th May leaning more towards the Chinese side had released a revised political and administrative map that included areas of India. The Nepalese Government also accused India as a reason for the spread of the virus and gave a British treaty as a reason for enlargement. However, India, who is already fighting various problems, has taken a strict stand against this enlargement.

The beginning of a new political dispute by Nepal Government:-

It has been reported that the Nepalese government now is playing an anti-India card, leading to the enlargement of the new map. This could be seen when Padma Aryal, Nepal’s land reforms minister, released a revised version of the political and administrative map. The new map was reported to have been released in a press conference that was conducted in Kathmandu. 

The new map claims the parts of India like the Lipulekh Pass, Limpiyadhura and Kalapani its own. It was also stated by PM modi that the spread of infection coming from India is more dangerous in comparison to the countries like China and Italy. Nepal further stated that the flow of people through illegal ways into the country has led to more infection and the poor testing by local representatives. 

The claims of Nepal were stated by the Government based on the treaty that was made in 1816 and was made with the British rule. Nepal also observed a protest when there was the inauguration of the new road dated on May 8. This road was made with the aim to connect the Mansarovar route in China with the Lipulekh pass. 

India’s stand over the enlargement made in the new map by Nepal:-

Kalapani and Limpiyadhura are highly strategic areas which India is protecting since the war in 1962 with China. Anurag Srivatsav had stated that Nepal is already aware about the position of India and its stand on the matter. He also stated that the country should avoid such cartographic assertions which are unjustified. 

Nepal should keep in account India’s territorial integrity as well as its sovereignty. He also added that there would be a proper diplomatic dialogue with positivity and resolves the boundary issues. The foreign ministry had also stated on Nepal’s protest on inauguration that the route was for convenience of locals, pilgrims and traders. It was also stated that it completely lied in the Indian boundaries too.

 Indian ambassador Vinay Mohan Kwatra was summoned and also handed over a diplomatic note. It carried Nepal’s protest that was observed against new road inauguration done by India. Gen MM Naravane, Indian army chief also gave indication of hands of China in the protest observed by Nepal, amongst many reasons. . 

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