indian railways tickets cancelled

Indian Railways in their recent announcement had cancelled all the trains apart from the Shramik and special trains until 30th June.

The Indian Railways were taking bookings for trains even after the lockdown was initiated. Some of the bookings were also from the days before the lockdown. These tickets were scheduled for June; however they had stopped the bookings. While accompanying it they announced cancellation on 14th May of the tickets but mentioned no restriction on Shramik and special trains.

About the train bookings for railways:-

It has been reported that these tickets were booked in advance of about four months before June. The Indian Railways had stopped all the train operation as soon as the lockdown was declared. The trains were canceled after the declaration but the railways still took the bookings. 

The bookings were taken for the trains that were scheduled to operate after April 14. Recently the Indian Railways had stopped taking any kind of bookings in advance too. 

The announcement made by the Indian Railways:-

The Indian Railways had passed an announcement on 14th May, about the regular passenger trains and the advanced bookings. The Railways stated that the normal passenger trains’ bookings until June 30 were all being cancelled. They had also stated that the cancellation did not affect the operation of Shramik and special trains. 

The cancelled train tickets would have a refund policy along with it. They had also assured the individuals who had booked the tickets not to go to site and cancel the tickets. They stated that the refund for the trains would be given in an immediately as soon as the system completes processing. 

They further stated that other train operations like suburban or local train services, Mail or Express trains and passenger trains would remain cancelled under further notice. It was also reported that last month Indian Railways had to bear a refund of estimation around 1,490 crore coming from a total of 94 lakh tickets that were canceled after getting the news of lockdown.

 It was also accompanied with a further of Rs 830 crores that got refunded for the tickets that were booked for traveling between March 22 and 14th April. Railway was observed to operate around 12,000 trains every day before the lockdown pocketing Rs 12,844.37 crore from passenger fares.

 The Railways also transported on a regular basis goods and earnings that had a worth of Rs 28,032.80 crore. So it is really a major loss for Railways after lockdown, but the special trains and Shramik trains have acted as a boon to them.

News about the special trains and Shramik trains recently operated by the Indian Railways:-

The Indian Railways had started the operation of 15 pairs of special trains and on state demand Shramik trains too from May 12 and May 1 respectively. The estimations as stated by Indian Railways for travelling of people on both the trains is surprising. It was reported that as on Wednesday 642 Shramik trains were sent to different states on state demands and 1, 25,000 bookings were done for special trains. 

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