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Covid-19: India crossed the huge no.of 31000 , in the last 24 hours cases increased.

 The covid-19 cases increase and cross the 31000 cases, reaching an alarming figure of 31,332. The death rates as updated by the health ministry of India reach 1,007 deaths. India has recorded the highest recorded cases by states of cases in the past 24 hrs. reaching a total of 1,897.

India reported a spike of 31,332 cases at 8 am on 29th April with deaths reaching 1,007. The reports say that there were a rise of covid-19 cases of around 1,897 and around 73 people died in the past 24 hours. The news also has a small spark of positivity as 7,696 cases recovered and the cases recovered were around 827.

Apart, from India the covid-19 cases on an International level do not show good news too. The US crossed the cases of 1 million and deaths around 58000 taking the position of top corona hit countries. The increase in cases in countries all over the world and the eye opening figures of deaths has recorded an increase. The figures show globally cases cross 3.1 million mark and deaths edge to 2, 16,000.   

This record is reported to be the highest record since the covid-19 outbreak. The news coming from different states speaks about the spiking figures. The state of Maharashtra leads the trail with 728 numbers of people tested positive in the state in the past 24 hours. The figures of cases in the state now stand to 9,318 cases with around 400 deaths and 1,388 people recovered.  

The state capital Delhi experiences a great hike in fresh cases taking the position of third highly affected state. Delhi has now recorded cases that reached 3,314, deaths around 54 and recovery around 1,078 covid-19 cases. Gujarat takes the second position to be affected by the pandemic meanwhile. Gujarat has recorded at 8 a round 3,744 cases, 181 deaths and a recovery of 434 cases. 

Apart from the states, acquiring the top three positions there are around 4 states crossing the mark of 2000 and 2 states crossing the 1,000 mark. There are also some states with negligible cases and zero deaths. These states with the lowest records include Arunachal Pradesh, Mizoram, Manipur, Tripura, Goa and Pondicherry. Union Health Minister Harsh Vardhan had stated on Tuesday that in the last seven days 80 districts had witnessed no fresh cases and 47 districts in the last 14 days. 

There have been several safety measures and meetings conducted in the last few by different states. India is going to witness inflation in food crops as farmers have reduced the area of food crop farming also. The instability of cases and situations continue. Some of the states were relaxed.

The question and curiosity arises among the people about the lockdown. India is nearing a release date of lockdown on 3rd May and it is to be seen how this situation would affect the lockdown. It is to be seen the safety measures taken by PM Modi and to be safe at home. 

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