HERE IS REAL PROBLEMS (COVID-19) : This Indian Politician Tweets on problems

Tweet by Akhilesh Yadav


In the time of coronavirus crisis in india many people facing problem out of which some people cannot be reached by government and nobody cam help them due to lockdown.
lockdown is making trouble to poor people it is not possible to satisfy everybody’s needs.

Observing all conditions in india Akhilesh Yadav tweets about the real problems in india in coronavirus panedemic.He is talking about the problems of poor people as well as scarcity of testing kits used for coronavirus test.

“Not enough testing kits for people. Not enough Personal Protective Equipment for health care workers. Not enough meals to feed the poor. These are the real challenges today.”

Many people’s are agree with Akhilesh yadav’s tweet and shown their side by commenting on twitter.
As cases of Covid-19 is growing day by day in India. Image mentioned below shows the behaviour of cases going up and down.

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