Google doodle is thanking the helping hands around the world.

Google doodle is thanking the helping hands around the world.

Google is thanking to all health officials ,doctors,medical staff as well as helpers for helping the world during coronavirus pandemic. Google is thanking through starting up an series of Google doodle as THANK YOU series. 14 Doodles will be display during the series as a Thank you messeage.

Google is also thanking another peoples like grocery workers,emergency labours, people sanitizing areas and more social workers. Google is also helping its users by providing information and lauching websites on coronavirus for creating awareness.

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Google-“Our Doodles will respect other basic edge laborers, specialists on call, and the numerous individuals keeping administrations like sanitation, nourishment administration, open travel, schools, and more ready for action. Much obliged to you to all the individuals who are attempting to spare lives and guard networks during coronavirus pandemic during the series”.

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We’re starting a progression of Doodles to give credit numerous individuals reacting to COVID-19-from specialists and medical caretakers thinking about individuals on the cutting edges, to educators and Helpers guaranteeing fundamental products and ventures are as yet accessible,” Official statement by Google.
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