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Genelia Deshmukh had recently campaigned about The Gratitude Kitchen while sharing her experience.

There is something amazing cooking up in the kitchen of Genelia Deshmukh as she shares a picture of vegan Khow Suey on her recent post on her official Instagram handle. Genelia Deshmukh had further mentioned that she has been trying a whole plant based diet and got the recipe of the amazing vegan Khow Suey recipe from The Gratitude kitchen.

About the the post where Genelia Deshmukh had shared her recent cooking wonder:-

Genelia Deshmukh had recently shared a picture of Khow Suey, while sharing about her experience on making the recipe. She had been trying new experiments in her kitchen to try to eat better. Genelia Deshmukh had also mentioned that she has been eating a whole plant based food diet and having an awesome experience.

She had stated, “I have been eating a whole plant-based diet. Logically it just makes more sense to me and I’d like it to be my way of life. So I’m trying my best and I feel awesome about it.”

Genelia Deshmukh further conveyed that she had stumbled upon a recipe which was featured on The Gratitude Kitchen on Instagram. She further stated about her whole experience while trying out the recipe as the best one, meeting her expectations.

She had also mentioned the various specifications of the recipe which she had liked about. She conveyed that Vegan Khow-Suey along with a carrot-purple cabbage salad and a lemongrass coconut based dressing is what she loved about it.

Genelia Deshmukh in the end stated, “Being in charge of one’s health is the best thing one can do for oneself.” Genelia Deshmukh had tagged The Gratitude Kitchen in her post while putting hashtags like #plantbasedmeals, #betterwayoflife and #worthit.

She had got overwhelming comments for trying the new recipe containing appreciation from her followers. Deepshikha Deshmukh had also commented on her post conveying, “Yummy it was Vahini.”

The Gratitude Kitchen had also commented on her post while conveying, “This looks absolutely wonderful. We are glad you’re loving our plant based recipes.”

About The Gratitude Kitchen, whose recipe Genelia Deshmukh had tried out:-

The Gratitude Kitchen has completed more than 5 years and is owned by Madhura Vayal who is a qualified nutritionist. She also has a certificate in Plant Based Diet from Cornell University, New York. The Gratitude Kitchen is dedicated to a whole plant based diet and runs a bakery along with that

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