Gajendra singh member of AAP died today

Relatives of Gajendra Singh Rajawat who draped himself on Wednesday during an Aam Admi Gathering rally in Delhi, held the gathering heads and Delhi organization answerable for his passing. 

“Manish Sisodia had asked Gajendra to go to Wednesday’s AAP truly” Vijendra Singh included

Family members of Gajendra Singh have balmed to police and aap worker saying that, if they have been taken action on time Gajendra singh’s life can be save by them.
Girdhari singh grand father of Gajendra singh made to stand question on who helped him for climbing on tree why they didn’t inforn to fire brigade or police.
Family members of Gajendra Singh are blaming AAP party for his death and said that he was strong brain and affirmative person and felt bad for the damage of crops and loss of farmers but cannot think of suicide.
Surrender Singh brother-in-law of Rajawat said “that it seems someone has pressured him during the rally.”
PCC CHEIF, Sachin pilot refused the balme of Gajendra singh’s death from Aam Aadmi Party. He said that it is not possibe that anybody has pressured him for doing suicide.
Party members like Rajput karni sena and Lokendra singh kalvi said that they will take a proper lookout on such video footages and take legal actions for the people who are involved in it

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