Pooja Hegde vs Samantha Akkineni

Twitter on 28th May witnessed a fuming clash between Pooja Hegde’s fans and Samantha Akkineni’s fans.

Pooja Hegde on 28th May had taken to Twitter to inform about her account being hacked. However after few hours many consequences were witnessed and two hash tags started trending, #PoojaMustApologizeSamantha and #WeSupportPoojaHegde. 

How it all started after the Instagram account of Pooja Hegde got hacked:-

Pooja Hegde made a tweet informing about her Instagram account being hacked and mentioned a warning for not sharing any personal information. She had also stated that her digital team is also on work over it and not to accept any invitation from the hacker that hacked her account. However, a wild fire began when Samantha Akkineni’s picture with a caption got posted in the story of a hacked account.

 Samantha Akkineni’s fans started suspecting Pooja Hegde for it as it was captioned that she does not find her pretty. A new trend started when angry fans of Samantha Akkineni conveyed their anger with Tweets having #PoojaMustApologizeSamantha. 

However, Pooja Hegde had made clear as soon as she got her account back and thanked her technical team. She even mentioned that any follow back or post has been reverted back after stressing for an hour.  

The reaction of fans of Pooja Hegde and the screenshot that added fuel to fire:-

There was lot of anger conveyed by fans of Samantha Akkineni but fans of pooja did not step back as well and started new trend #WeSupportPoojaHegde. The fans of Pooja started putting tweets with this hashtag asking her not to give any apology.

 However there was another screenshot surfacing from the comment section of Samantha Akkineni post stating sarcastic statements. The screenshot carried the names of Chinmayi Sripada and Nandini Reddy while chatting with Samantha Akkineni which caused another fire. 

The comments seemed sarcastic and bullying Pooja Hegde on her account being hacked by fans of Pooja Hegde. This gave momentum to another series of tweets stating that #WeSupportPoojaHegde against the screenshot. The people not caring about the ongoing online war also started tweeting with the hashtag. 

About the story posted by Pooja Hegde after retrieval of her account and the selfie of Samantha Akkineni:-

Pooja Hegde posted a message of retrieval of her Instagram account and fumed on the hackers by putting Hashtags like #hackersgetalife. She also mentioned hoping no one had shared any personal information and informing about the posts being undone in the last hour. 

She also put the hashtag #hackersgonnahate for the same; meanwhile Samantha Akkineni shared a selfie with a peace sign over twitter and on Instagram story.

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