FIR by UP Police registered against Priyanka Gandhi

FIR by UP Police registered against Priyanka Gandhi Vadra’s PA and Ajay Kumar Lallu, over the ‘Bus Ghotala’.

The UP Police had registered an FIR in accordance with buses against and state congress president Ajay Kumar Lullu and Priyanka Gandhi Vadra’s PA on May 19. 

About the FIR registered against Ajay Kumar Lullu and Priyanka Gandhi Vadhra’s PA:-

The FIR that was registered against Priyanka Gandhi Vadhra’s PA along with Ajay Kumar Lullu was over serious allegations. These included sections like 468, 467 and 420 which convey crimes relating to forgery of documents and cheating. The FIR against various sections was registered by the UP police in Lucknow at Hazratganj. The charges also consist of movement of buses to carry migrants that also without proper permissions to the state of UP. 

Why was the FIR registered against Ajay Kumar Lullu and Priyanka Gandhi Vadhra? 

The major allegations came after it was claimed by the UP Government that the promised 1,000 bus list was nothing but a fraud for carrying migrants. The reason being the offer of transport, made by the congress had register numbers of two wheelers, three wheelers, as well as an Ambulance. 

Amongst the many, did not even have proper certification of fitness for the bus or insurance. This came after Priyanka Gandhi Vadra had put forward for permission for making migrant workers reach UP’s different parts. She had also accused the UP Government for having a lack of intention in helping the stranded migrants.

 However, on Monday Yogi Adityanath had accepted the request and asked immediately to send the list along with proper details. Some of the details after a search gave surprising results as 70 buses had no records. The 79 buses were unfit for transportation, seeing their condition, and an estimate of 297 carried an expired insurance and fitness certificate. 

100 out of them could not be considered as buses as they were three- wheelers, trucks, ambulances and other vehicles. Ajay Kumar Lullu, president of congress party had blocked ways at Agra- Rajasthan border in the area of Unch Nangla. This protest was arranged after the buses arranged for migrants were not allowed to UP from Rajasthan and then was removed from the spot by the police.  

Ravi Kumar, SP rural (west), Agra (UP), stated the buses did not have a pass and the inter-state bus movement on proper permission.

Statements by some of BJP leaders on the FIR registered against Priyanka Gandhi Vadhra:-

Gaurav Bhatia had stated that Priyanka Gandhi Vadhra was playing cheap politics in order to revive her own political career and has no empathy for migrants. This was probably done as Yogi Adityanath had accepted the request immediately and she had to  arrange the buses at the last moment.

 Amit Malviya, BJP IT Cell Chief, had stated what type of gimmick is it on the addition of Auto Rickshaw Motorcycle and Chevrolet Beat, traced. He even raised a question over the concern that congress is planning to send them in it, more than it, congress can send them in train. 

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