Bazaar travels

The first episode of bazaar travels gives the best experience of virtual shopping on the streets of Jodhpur.

Gobble had recently launched a new series of Bazaar travels in which Barkha Singh is the host. The show features some of the exquisite handicrafts from Indian artisans of different places. The first of Bazaar travels episode was on the Blue city of Jodhpur, where the glimpses of the local life, blue walls and people are surely a treat to eyes. Amidst the covid-19, virtual shopping experience is all that one needs, in the lockdown.

Sardar Bazaar in Jodhpur:-

Barkha Singh with her flamboyant hosting skills begins the show with some of the peculiarities of Jodhpur and a home to one of India’s oldest markets. She first gives a visit to the Baba emporium in it which is a vibrant shop specializing in. The shop flabbergasted the fact that well known Mick Jagger had done a shopping of 68,000 pounds. 

Barkha Singh with her exuberant approach started her interaction and some of the jaw-dropping Jodhpuri style pieces are presented by the salesman. The first is Indigo block -print rug only found here, block-printed cushions. Bed covers, poufs, Bandhani and Jackets with a perfect Jodhpur experience.

The next stop to treat your curiosity is the Isha Silk shop of footwear. More than the shopping, interaction with locals by Barkha Singh was more vibrant. The shop offered specializations in Leather Juttis, Leather Bags and Block print Kurta giving major Jodhpuri vibes. 

Lalji Handicrafts, more than a shop, a treasure of quirky things:-

The show Bazaar travels featured Lalji Handicrafts, one stop for meeting all your wishes to have those cool quirky things but with a traditional twist. The amazing antiques would surely steal your attention and with Barkha Singh’s experience it is a perfect blend. The shop, established in the 1960s, has a history of films buying props from them, along with Game of Thrones. The shop specializes in vintage furniture and decor, Chest of drawers, Window frames and antiques. Barkha Singh even visited the culturally pleasing with a serine vibe, Toorji ka Jhalra, located in the exact middle of Bazaar.

The Portside furniture cafe and The Royal Blue:-

The Portside cafe was in a different set up in itself as a proper city store. One can find standalone statement pieces, products with Jhalra print, leather and luggage bags, wallets and T-shirts with Jhalra print. The Royal Blue store specializes in dresses, capes, coats, Quirky Night suits, Home decor and Antiques with Jodhpuri prints. 

Pukhraj Durry Udhyog in Jodhpur:-

It’s another shop along with experiencing how the products are made in Salawas Village. The shop specializes in rug made from interlock weaving and the best part is it is available only in their village all over India. The rugs are emitting vibes of Jodhpuri style and Barkha Singh too is seen trying her hand in weaving. The shop specializes in Hand-woven Durry, Camel wool, Jute and Silk rugs and door mats. 

The mouth watering eateries featured in the show:-

Shopping is as tiresome as exciting, so the show keeps the fact in view and features many eateries. The first one was Shri Mishrilal Hotel with refreshing Kulhad Lassi, perfect in the weather. The next was the Spice Paradise, where it was seen the owner interacted in French too. 

The chef even interacted about the Mathania chili and Barkha Singh, Rajput herself was seen cooking their special Khichdi too discovering her cooking talent. One can shop for Mathania Chili powder, Curry Masala, Sweet Saffron Rice Masala and Tea spices. She ended her journey while addressing at a rooftop cafe in Sardaar Bazaar and shared her views on the whole experience.   

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