World Environment Day

Earth breathe on this World Environment Day.

World Environment Day brings a wave of positivity while making us aware about the threats of the environment. Earth has been the abode for human beings past many years, so why not make it heavenly? Our small houses in comparison to the planet earth as whole are adorned carefully with beauty and cleanliness. 

So, the question remains why can’t it be the same for our planet where these small hoses are standing? Earth gives out more than given to it as its gifts to the environment and human beings, so why not be smart in investing in some good, on our planet? Let’s make an unbreakable pact for making living more lovable and let the Earth breathe more freely out of the hazards created by humans itself. 

History and Significance of World Environment Day:-

The weather condition or deterioration of the environment is complained by many for causing discomfort but each time one should be aware it is caused by them. Each time the heat hurts you or the winter winds are capable of turning your fingers numb it’s a message given by earth about the hazards caused to it.

 There are several reports and long list of eye-opening estimations on the usage of air conditioners, the disposal of sludge from industries, a careless forest fire burning trees, clearance of forest area for construction etc. The voice of Earth has got buried underneath; however it shows signs as cyclones, pandemics, earthquakes etc.

The World Environment Day, annually celebrated globally on 5th June, is observed as the biggest annual event of the UN. The day has been observed first in Spokane, USA after the discussions held in Stockholm Conference on the Human Environment.

It was reported to have been established in 1972 however it started to be celebrated two years after the discussions in 1974.The first theme of World Environment Day was celebrated and created awareness through it as “Only One Earth”. 

The theme and its significance of World Environment Day 2020:-

The theme of this year’s World Environment Day is chosen carefully as “Celebrate Biodiversity” while hosted in partnership with Germany, in Columbia. The UN had also stated that the theme has been decided after observing various events caused a major threat to Biodiversity. 

This includes the bushfires that were observed in Australia and Brazil, the global pandemic and Locust infestation in East Africa. These all events show the interdependence of human beings on other webs of nature and the consequences when there is intervention and damage.

The global pandemic somewhere has a positive effect on environment: World Environment Day:-

The global pandemic is still the topic of debate whether it’s a spell of God, however it can be inferred that nature is reviving through it. It’s healing as there are many incidents witnessed having the humans indoors and no intervention in the functioning of nature. 

There are various images of rare animals and hardly seen animals roaming freely in urban areas. These include from spotting peacocks to leopards, Nilgai, puma and civet cats, on the roads. The Central Pollution Board (CPCB) had also reported that since the lockdown has been imposed they have observed significant improvement in air. 

Yamuna Monitoring Committee (YMC) and Delhi Pollution Control Committee (DPCC) had also reported to have witnessed potential reduction in pollutants to clean water of Yamuna and Ganga River. 

Celebrities join the one wish for the Earth movement started by Bhumi Pedneker:-

Celebrities on this World Environment Day have joined the movement started by Bhumi Pednekar which is one wish for the Earth started on 3rd June. Akshay Kumar, Amitabh Bachchan, Anushka Sharma, Karan Johar, Ananya Panday, Dia Mirza and many others have joined this movement.       

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