Dr. Avi Sharma on curly tales sharing experience on covid-19

Dr. Avi Sharma of Kasturba hospital shares his experiences on covid-19 on Curly Tales.

Curly Tales recently shared a video of Dr. Avi Sharma who had been currently posted in Kasturba hospital in Mumbai from K.E.M. hospital. The video posted by Curly tales is surely a beneficiary as the doctor shares his expertise and experience.

The experiences shared by Dr. Avi Sharma about the reaction from his family on Curly Tales:-

Dr. Avi Sharma in the video has discussed while being acknowledged that he has been posted for covid-19 duties his family members were really tense. He also mentioned that even currently he can see their scared faces when he goes for duty every day. 

However, he stated he has to go as he is a doctor and further conveyed his family is really proud of him. They also get immense pleasure when they hear appreciations conveyed by their relatives and people in society, over his duty for noble work. Dr. Avi Sharma has also been given a stay at his house being a localite and working in a low infection zone. 

However his working hours are hectic and he had mentioned that most of the doctors are residents but not localities, who are working with him. 

The information given by Dr. Avi Sharma on covid-19 on Curly Tales:-

The treatment of the patient being tested by covid depends on the symptoms shown by the patient. Dr. Avi Sharma shared to the viewers that if the patient is tested by covid and showing no symptoms then only hydroxychloroquine is given to the patient. 

This treatment is given for 5 days while another patient tested positive for covid and showing minor symptoms is given another treatment. The patient with mild symptoms like cough and cold is given hydroxychloroquine but with an addition of an antibiotic tablet for 5 days. 

The treatment for patient tested positive suffering from greater problems like pneumonia is given an addition of injectable antibiotics is given. 

The patients having even greater problems in more parts of the body like breathlessness, gastric problems etc. are even shifted to ICU for treatment. The patients are also given multivitamins like Vitamin A, Vitamin D and Vitamin C.

The situation of Kasturba hospital shared by Dr. Avi Sharma on Curly Tales:-

It has been stated in the video that the situation in Kasturba hospital has grown up to be tense but the hospital is well prepared for any difficulties. Dr. Avi Sharma stated that the situation has become really tense as all the doctors are on a work mode. 

He also mentions that the hospital right now has been treating covid patients only. He also mentions that the BMC and Government of Maharashtra are making good arrangements of beds in Kasturba hospital as well as in other hospitals. 

He also mentioned that they are creating many containment zones in Goregaon and the Southern Bombay side. He also said that he feels that they are well prepared right now but can attain patients in certain limits.

The difficulties faced by Dr. Avi Sharma during his duty while attending covid-19 patients on Curly Tales:-

One of the major problems faced by Dr. Avi Sharma is while wearing the PPE kit and working for long hours in the warm climate. This makes him extremely difficult to work during summertime and is mentally challenging also when he gets a throat thrush in the morning. 

He even shared some of the incidents that people are trying to evict out, some of his fellow residents. He stated that he is proud of himself and he is getting lots of support, while in the end he gave a message to all the Curly Tales followers also.   

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