Dowry system in India (Dahej pratha)

Dowry system in India (Dahej pratha): Pay someone, to get yourself married.

Dowry system in India (Dahej pratha)– The institution of marriage which is inevitable in India, marking union of individuals, has its own price to pay. It’s that single day for which a poor father collects money his whole life for his daughter. It’s that day when the girl looks the prettiest and smiles the brightest. The day is tried to make the most perfect, by keeping a record of each and every detail. 

In Dowry system in India (Dahej pratha) there is a lot of preparation and a lot of gold and money as we say a big fat Indian wedding. Amidst the cultural values and traditions which are the real meaning of marriage, hides the truth. There are lines of sorrow on father’s forehead but a smile, so his daughter is not burdened.In Dowry system in India (Dahej pratha) there are contracts or gift promises made behind the doors amidst the wedding. That’s where the most important guest that comes is Dahej or Dowry, without its blessings marriage shall remain incomplete. 

Dahej is not only a thing that the bride gives:-

While talking about Dowry system in India, a monetary benefit, amidst the marriage, it does not remain a marriage, it becomes a contract. So, if we consider this contract, there are many other sacrifices, which are benefits to the groom. First of all, the biggest thing, the girl is now identified by his name as her second and third name changes. 

The second thing seen in almost all marriages, the girl leaves her own identity connected to her house to join the groom’s house to make it a heavenly abode. The biggest thing she makes her emotional investment throughout her life for the groom and his family. That’s when the question arises isn’t these things enough? And now you make a want of dowry

What is dowry system in india (Dahej pratha) and Reasons behind it:-

Dowry system in India known as Dahej has been practiced with a view to secure the bride’s future. It is actually the right reason and meaning but made a default system over years. Dahej which was known as Stree Dhan was given to the daughter for future security but the possession was only in the hands of the bride and no one else. 

This StreeDhan unlike before given on the capacity or sometimes not at all by parents now is given on exorbitant prices and to the family of the bride. Dahej in many places of India depends on increase or decrease with salary and education of the groom. This also depends on gender roles assigned to individuals which are developed at a very young age too.

 The reason for criminal cases we see of domestic violence or any other rejection of the right to the bride. These gender roles could be developed through some ideologies or media, which assigns a particular role or right to both the genders.   

Legal route for crime based on Dowry:-

Every day there are thousands of cases we get to hear about married women being tortured for her parents can’t pay the dowry. There are cases of woman being burnt, verbally torture, murdered or any other domestic violence, simply because they can’t repay the promised dowry. The Dowry Prohibition act (Act No. 28), that came in effect conveys exchange of valuable assets or property between the parties during, after or before marriage is illegal. 

The punishment includes a punishment of 5 years or fine up to 15,000. However, it has been used wrongly by women these days to pose false allegations too. Dowry rooted in the core should be eradicated and not a good legacy that one should pass through generations.


Dowry system in India is crime but today also, this practices are taking place in small villages and towns. To stop this crime india has to be more active and should take large amount of initiative about it.

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