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Disha Patani on Baaghi 3 premier on a digital platform.

Baaghi 3 had its digital premiere on May 1, launching on Disney+ Hotstar VIP. Disha Patani had said that the franchise of Baaghi has done a lot for her and her career in Bollywood.

Disha Patani had played a leading role in Baaghi 2 and had a special appearance in Baaghi 3 in a song ‘Do you love me’. These films were directed by Ahmed Khan and produced by Sajid Nadiadwala with Tiger Shroff starring in it. Disha Patani who had appeared in ‘Malang’, her recent film, had something to say on the digital premiere of Baaghi 3.

Disha Patani has said that the franchise of Baaghi movies with its third sequel have helped her a lot. Disha Patani had given her best shot in Baaghi 2 with the story plot. The story plot consisted of her playing the role of Neha and Tiger Shroff playing the role of her college ex- boyfriend Ronnie.

The film begins with her, waking up from a trauma and realizing her daughter Rhea was nowhere. She was completely clueless and called her ex- boyfriend for aid. She had a tragic story with him when they were going to marry and her father had a heart attack. He asked her to marry Shekhar as he did not like Ronnie. So she got married to him and had a daughter Rhea, but at present he told her that she had PTSD and was assuming she had a daughter. 

Ronnie and clueless Neha were finding her, got to know from everyone that she was psychologically ill. She told Rhea she had her first day of school and outside the school she was assaulted and Rhea was kidnapped. Ronnie started believing the same, on seeing that Neha committed suicide. Ronnie later on continued finding the truth. In the end it was seen that Rhea was kidnapped by Shekhar himself.

During the finding Tiger Shroff had done many action scenes, and got an associate Usman. Ronnie found that Rhea was his daughter, Shekhar had got to know that he was not sterile so kidnapped her. The same reason was that the people connected to Neha told her she was hallucinating to brainwash him. Later in the end while rescuing Rhea he fell unconscious, while Usman came for help.

Ronnie gained consciousness and lived happily with Rhea in a sad but happy remembrance of Neha. Disha Patani was talked upon by some media for not getting roles after it but her recent statement made it clear. She is seen in the recent Baaghi 3 movie in the song ‘Do you love me’ which has driven a buzz about her performance. 

She has been praised for her fitness and dance moves in the song. She said that the franchise has helped her career a lot and thanked her for giving an opportunity for a solo performance that has sharpened her dance skills. She expresses her gratitude for being a part of The ‘Baaghi family’. She would be seen in her next film ‘Radhe: Your Most Wanted Bhi’ with Salman Khan, starring Randeep Hooda and Jackie Shroff also.

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