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Delhi witnesses the worst situation of covid-19 with all 11 districts in the red zone

Delhi has seen a great spike in cases in the past 24 hours with the cases reaching to 4,122 and deaths reaching to 64. The Minister of Delhi has announced all the zones in Delhi as red zones to take precautionary actions. The zones consist of more than 10 people infected by the disease.

The covid-19 cases in India witness a spike and are near the 40,000 marker as they reach 39,980 figures. India has the lowest mortality rate compared to other countries in the world, but it reaches 1,301 deaths. India has witnessed around 2,644 new covid-19 cases and reported around 83 covid-19 linked deaths of people in the past 24 hours. The number of people recovering also has increased to 10,600.   

In India, the three worst hit states contributing the increase in cases at doubling rate are with Maharashtra, Gujarat and Delhi.

Delhi, taking the position of the third state to bear the effect of the virus sees an alarming increase in the past 24 hours. The cases in the state now reach to a figure 4,122 and there are 64 people who have succumbed to death. 

The state records 384 new cases and three more deaths linked to the covid-19 and 89 people to recover in 24 hours. Delhi accounts to 96 containment zones and 11 districts which were classified representing different zones in all. Sunday morning. Delhi Minister Satyendra Jain announced these all districts to come under the red zone. These zones have been categorized under the red zone till May 17 to take appropriate security measures. 

The reports suggest that the South- East zone has the highest number of cases and containment zones with 20 active containment zones. This zone contributes the highest number of cases with the cases accounting to 1,571 positive cases. The North-West district has reported the least number of containment zones recorded with 3 containment zones. 

The North-East and the South-West districts account to the least number of cases recording only 66 cases each. The increase in the cases also attracted attention towards some incidents which needed to be controlled. Among them was the infamous Tablighi Jamaat event which had actually increased the cases in Delhi. The centers of Delhi are filled with the people related to it in great numbers. 

The incident of Kapashera building that had 1 corona positive person entering it and 175 people were taken for testing. The results took a long time and only 67 people’s results arrived revealing that 44 out of them were positive. This matter of concern as the delay might have caused more number of people getting infected. The building near the Delhi-Haryana border remains sealed until further test results. 

A woman was also tested positive after her death in Jahangirpuri area leading to collection of samples of people. The samples revealed 31 people to be positive. The Delhi CRPF headquarters has also been seen sanitized and sealed after a case of staff member in contact with a senior officer comes out. Around 40 officers consisting of Deputy Inspector General and Special Director General rank official instructed to be quarantined at home.

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