crowdsourcing is helping individuals

How crowdsourcing is helping individuals and businesses grow together?

Crowdsourcing till now was only known for raising money or as a help to the most tech-savvy groups while solving issues. Now businesses everywhere have seen crowdsourcing as a medium to grow and stay flexible at the same time, while it has further led to adaptability.

About Crowdsourcing:-

Crowdsourcing from perspective of organization offers work internally or externally to a community of professionals by a business. The requirement of businesses for fresh ideas is catered by crowdsourcing as it provides an array of talent and with more minds.

It can also lead to the exploration of more tools and new paths for success while enabling real time execution of projects and tangible solutions. The two distinct models of crowdsourcing consist of contest-based and micro-task model.

About various crowdsourcing models:-

The micro-task model enables the members to select micro-task they want to select while helping the project maintains pace. The tasks associated with this are small and quick to explain while it has a benefit of engaging more people.

The contest-based model involves the members to compete and complete a task while the top designs are rewarded. The benefit of the model is more options, greater quality and freelancers in more numbers are awarded. Top Gear is another model which has been designed by Wipro by leveraging Topcoder’s contest model.

This creates an experience for employees who are like a game and along with a low-stake competition. The model also shows an effective solution for increasing organizational and individual adaptability. The reason being it is beneficial for example for a client willing for massive workforce transformation requirements.

Crowdsourcing during the pandemic:-

The recent situation created by pandemic has driven a need for businesses to connect with customers as well as remote workforce. This need is also backed by the obstacle which is putting brakes, social distancing, while adhering to guidelines for preventing the spread of virus.

It provides new opportunity and possibility for businesses, as it provides the infrastructure for connecting.

How can the crowdsourcing method be integrated successfully by the businesses?

Businesses should focus on working with employees or assign mentors for the same as the crowd needs to be motivated effectively through some direction. Businesses can ensure the employees are qualified by a screening process or technical areas specific to areas of expertise.

It could also be done by consideration given to non-negotiable skills which are specific to a project leading to a narrow focus of crowdsourcing. The businesses should also focus that there are no potential effects on the individuals and workforce.

This includes protection of their rights and familiarity to development and work, thus conducting sustainable and fair business. There should be a consultation to experts made as crowdsourcing can be disruptive and you need to consider whether it is negative or positive.

The businesses need to remain adjusting and open with their approach while exploring models of crowdsourcing. They should also open up for innovative solutions while paying attention to changing demands. The change in demands could be of workforce, business and industry.

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