Covid-19 latest update

Covid-19 Updates: The deadly situation is slipping from hand.

Covid-19 is taking over India gradually; there have been bundles of news for the past 24 hours. The cases of covid-19 cross the 33000 marker and deaths increase to 1,074 past 24 hours, which is not a good sign. India continues the battle against the global pandemic; there have been a number of negative and little positive news coming up.

India had crossed the milestone of 31000 on 29th April with 1,007 deaths while on Thursday, it has crossed 33000 marks. The cases reached 33,050 on 30th April, with a fatality rate of 1,074. The Covid-19 virus has shown its effect on global cases crossing 3.13 million and deaths reaching 2, 28,224. There has been news coming from various states and an endless number of reports about the covid-19 cases.

The Covid-19 cases reported in the highly affected past 24hrs has risen with Maharashtra having 9915 cases and 432 deaths, Gujarat having 4082 cases and 197 deaths and Delhi having 3,439 cases and 56 deaths. Delhi which is amongst the highest states has many of its samples that are needed to be assessed, until May 3 no samples would further be given to the Delhi labs. It would be passed to other states for assessment because of delay. 

The Bhopal Gas tragedy victims are being suffered and now dozens of them have been killed. 

Indore has seen an increase in cases past 24 hours to 1485, 86 new corona cases in Rajasthan, 10 positive cases in Jhajjar, Haryana. There have been increases in cases in Mumbai since Wednesday to 597 new cases and 26 deaths. The number of people getting recovered all over the country so far is 8324. There have been no new cases of people suffering from the virus reported in Andaman as per the reports.

It had been reported by KGMU in Lucknow out of 646 samples, 27 were tested positive. 127 new cases in Pune, 4 in Bihar, 22 in Karnataka, have been reported suffering from the virus. Delhi witnessed 125 new cases in 24 hours stabilizing its position among the highest hit states.

  The labors in sectors which have been shut down globally and nationally experience unemployment. Taranjit Singh Sandhu, the Indian ambassador to Usahas reported that the Indian-Americans in the country have shown great strength during this difficult time. The Gujarat flower farmers in Rajkot bring up to the Government that they are witnessing losses and are being provided with relief packages.

Haryana had ordered more than 20000 rapid test kits from South Korea. They have been allowed to use them for testing. Karnataka Chief Minister Siddaramaiah had also called a meeting with members of Janta Dal and other leaders of farmers on covid-19.