Uttarakhand covid-19

Covid-19 cases of the Uttarakhand state now stands at 349, making it 20th in terms of number of covid-19 cases.

India crossed 1, 45,000 estimation as on 25th May, with one of the highest surge of more than 6,000 fresh covid-19 cases. However, the surge in covid-19 cases in Uttarakhand is observed to have increased drastically. The state now stands at an estimation of 349 covid-19 cases and the deaths recorded at 3.

Condition in India, where Uttarakhand stands on 20th rank:-

The tally of covid-19 cases is increasing drastically and India has witnessed a surge of 6,535 fresh covid-19 cases in the past 24 hours. The estimation now stands in India for covid-19 positive cases at 1, 45,380 and covid deaths at 4,167. The deaths record in the country in the last 24 hours is around 146 covid deaths, witnessed by India. 

The active covid-19 cases witnessed by India stands at an estimation of 80,722 active covid cases and 60,490 people so far have been cured and discharged. 

Condition in Uttarakhand regarding coronavirus:-

Uttarakhand had witnessed 15 covid-19 positive cases and on 26th May at 8 a.m. a total of 32 fresh covid-19 positive cases. The estimation of the reported cases now stand at 349 in Uttarakhand along with 3 covid deaths recorded in the state. 

The total estimation of covid-19 patients cured and discharged at and at 58 while the Dehradun District in the state is at the highest. Uttarakhand sampling count so far stands at 22,117 samples, however those tested negative were 17, 315 samples. The rate of coronavirus positive patients is doubling past 7 days at 3.98 days, whereas recovery rate is at 17.68%. 

District wise condition of Uttarakhand for coronavirus:-

The data for 46 covid positive cases in the state has been available in various districts of Uttarakhand. It has been observed that Dehradun stands at the highest with 24 covid positive cases. It is succeeded by Nainital with 9 and Haridwar with 7. Other districts like Udham Singh Nagar with 7, Almora and Pauri Garhwal with covid positive cases. 

Reasons behind the surge in cases:-

It was observed that the majority of cases were from the migrant workers that had arrived in the state of Uttarakhand from places like New Delhi, Mumbai, Punjab, Gurugram and Ghaziabad. There was also an observance of pool testing in the state which may have led to the surge. 

The officials of the state are making sure people arriving from the red zone are kept 7 days in quarantine at an institution. There would also be pool testing conducted in various states to take control of the infection spread according to some reports.                        

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