Indian IT and ITeS sector are moving towards the journey of recovery from covid-19

Indian IT and ITeS sector are moving towards the journey of recovery from covid-19.

The Covid-19 situation has been having an impact on Indian IT and ITeS sector along with invoked Business Continuity Plans (BCPs) by organizations globally and all the activities pertaining to business halting drastically. This has been as a consequence of the lockdown announced to stop the spread of infection, along with other restrictions, especially of […]

Roll of Renewables in the times of COVID-19

Roll in the times of COVID-19 of Renewables.

The future of renewable energy is still bright, although the damage caused by the global pandemic. The post covid-19 situation would require public administrations, government and healthcare associations to make right decisions in protecting us. The renewable sector would require getting back on track for a green and sustainable economy, though it has been impacted […]

Bulandshahr Corona bomb

Bulandshahr witnessed a corona bomb explosion after 18 were tested positive were reported on Wednesday.

Bulandshahr district which stands at 157 corona positive cases now had received a Corona bomb explosion on Wednesday. This was reported after 18 people were tested corona positive which included migrant labourers and teachers also. The contribution region wise in the district for the 18 tested positive:- The 18 positives come from 6 regions of […]

Lockdown 5 in maharastra

Lockdown 5 in Maharashtra: After a day of issuance of guidelines the worst hit state from covid-19.

The government of the Maharashtra state on Sunday has given momentum to the “Mission Begin Again” and issued the guidelines for Lockdown 5. The state government has made the announcement of the Lockdown 5 extension up till June 30. The state Government had also issued for relaxations to be issued for Lockdown 5 in the […]

Pro-ease salutes the female covid warriors

Pro-ease salutes the female covid warriors and aims to distribute 10 Lakh sanitary pads.

Pro-ease came with a great initiative with a token of thanks to female covid warriors. The new Pro-ease initiative has come up with the distribution of 10 lakh sanitary pads to these female covid warriors who leave behind their family and loved ones for us. The new Pro-ease advertisement would surely give you Goosebumps as […]

Uttarakhand covid-19

Covid-19 cases of the Uttarakhand state now stands at 349, making it 20th in terms of number of covid-19 cases.

India crossed 1, 45,000 estimation as on 25th May, with one of the highest surge of more than 6,000 fresh covid-19 cases. However, the surge in covid-19 cases in Uttarakhand is observed to have increased drastically. The state now stands at an estimation of 349 covid-19 cases and the deaths recorded at 3. Condition in […]

deolali sanatoriums

The situation of people stuck in Deolali sanatoriums during covid-19.

Deolali is a hill station and Army base camp located near Nashik, where most tourists visit for enjoying its greenery especially old-age people. Deolali unlike other hill stations has sanatoriums with very few hotels to stay. Deolali sanatoriums are known for their services and amenities provided inside the sanatorium premises. The aftermath of the declaration […]