CORONAVIRUS : Question on lockdown in india

Sanjay Singh from AAP party raised question on PM Modi’s announcement of 21 days lockdown that from where the news of 90 days lockdown came when the lockdown is annouced is of 21 days only

Sanjay Singh raised question on platform of twitter

“Look carefully, where did the news of the 90-day lock-down come from? How did it come? Modi ji has declared a 21-day lock-down, why think of confusion?”
(translated in english)

Various TV channels are showing news related to 90 days lockdown therefore peoples and authorities are confused that how long this lockdown will stay in india. Duw to lockdown country is facing issue with poor and unemplyoed peoples. Peoples doesnt have food and employment during lockdown in india.

many peoples have question in thier mind that-
 “China also used lockdown stratedy upto 90 days for outcoming from coronavirus pandemic so how imndia can tackle out this problem in 21 days?”.

Therefore it can be possible that lockdown will be extended by government for overcoming coronavirus panedemic.

Balvinder singh
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