CM of Delhi Arvind Kejriwal from AAP party appeals for contribution with help in this bad times with coronavirus panedemic in india.
Arvind Kejriwal appeals to citizens for taking responsibility of their areas for care of poor people so that no one will face problems.
He also appeals to landlords for taking their rents after two months and dont perssure rental people and allow them to pay rent in installments
Appeal to Company Owners was to dont stop or dont depriciate salaries of employees.

CM of Delhi  tweets and ask for help in fight against coronavirus

(below mentioned words is the tweet by CM of delhi)

Lockdown is extremely important to prevent corona from spreading. The poor of our city need our help in this difficult time. Are you to help them?
(translated in english)

CM of delhi also recorded a video in which he his appealing for all those help. This video is also telecasted by many chaneels and also playes in Television across india.

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