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Unexpectedly Amazon AWS is making Compaines opened online in Physical lockdown.

The recent scenario of covid-19 has surely created a lot of concerns, not only physical goods but also technology companies have been affected. The tech startups are able to get staff connected from homes, due to less premise data. 

The main issues faced by tech companies:-

Employees working on any project require a common platform to work. While the companies using AWS Cloud are always about the security issues related to it like, the servers are easily hacked and installation of applications. 

The companies having vertical or legacy workloads and premises run by legacy hardware, it is not possible. There are also fears or threats regarding exploits encountered on devices running at home and potential malware. Some of the various factors to be kept in mind are availability, consistency, security, scalability and performance.

 The factors are to be kept in mind to ensure the role each employee plays and project’s needs. Sonata Software limited has a history, encompassing consistency to follow Cloud Platformation Approach.

Sonata Software  also makes sure for customers, all the factors that have been enlisted, backed up by a team of professionals. These come together and provide support and solutions to the customers on AWS Cloud. 

Points to keep in mind for common set up:-

The first thing to do is not let a conflict arise within the on-premise network by creating a VPC. It further includes creating sub nets along with it while connecting with CIDR block and obtaining Customer Gateway (CGW)’s Public IP.  

This shall be available on on-premise network for creating site to site VPN network; along with it AD connector could be set-up too. On-premise Active Directory could be best for authentication and Transit Gateway to establish connectivity between VPNs.  

Amazon Workspaces, Appstream and work link on AWS Cloud:-

The Amazon Workspaces is used as workstation’s provision with only display being available with clients. On account of security it has various controls that can be leveraged and WorkDocs enables sharing files securely internally. On account of consistency its Workspace Bundles are perfect and functionality works out cheaper than others.

 Scalability, availability and performance are also not an issue. Amazon Appstream only provides particular secured applications, accessed by employees. Availability, Performance, Consistency, Scalability and security are also not an issue.

 Amazon Work link enables without overhead VPN, an access to internal corporate websites with secure mobile access, while highly regulated data is secured. Confluence and Jira internal tools’ access is also available. 

Other options of VDI:-

There is an option of a set of t2.micro instances available run by Windows, configured by SSH and RDP, spun up in the VPC, tunneled through SSH. Acting as bastion hosts, these instances enable users to SSH and RDP to them. As soon as the Transit Gateway and Site to Site VPN set up are attached to VPC and VPN, the user can run an RDP session.

 This could be done on his on-premise desktop through these hosts, however with specific VLAN administrator permit. Availability, Performance, Consistency, scalability and security is all taken care of through all the enlisted solutions.

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