Coimbatore changed to Koyampuththoor

Coimbatore changed to Koyampuththoor: Names of 1018 places have been changed by Tamil Nadu Government.

The Tamil Nadu Government has changed Coimbatore to Koyampuththoor and 1,018 Anglicized names of places, near to their origin, however it received a mix of opinion, for example Koyampuththoor is the change form of Coimbatore.

About the announcement of name change along with Coimbatore:-

The Tamil Nadu Government has changed 1,018 Anglicized names of places, near to their origin, for example Koyampuththoor is the change form of Coimbatore. There was an announcement made in 2018 for the same by K Pandiarajan, minister for Tamil official language and Tamil culture.

The department of Tamil Nadu Development then took up the task for identification of such Anglicized names along with giving the suggestions for it. As a part of this drive, around 1,081 places’ Anglicized names have been changed for having their exact Tamil pronunciations.

According to some reports, there were suggestions for 3,500 names which had been cut down to estimation 1,081. There have been orders given by Government for name change to many of the local bodies and district administration, along with various other departments.

The reason behind the change of names along with Coimbatore:-

The names initially were reported to have been kept based on demography, Geography and other factors, however they sound different when pronounced in English. This could be observed through the example Triplicane in Chennai, a name attributed by colonial rulers. However, the name in its roots is called Thiruvallikeni, which also has a meaning as a lotus pond connected to the locality’s famous temple.

Few examples of the name change along with Coimbatore as Koyampuththoor:-

There can be some examples enlisted out of the list of 1,081 names for giving a better idea for the move of Tamil Nadu Government. Coimbatore is now referred as Koyampuththoor, while Ambattur as Ampaththoor, Vellore as Veeloor, and Nagercoil as Nagerkovil and Dindigul as Thindukkal. Some more examples could be Tuticorin as Thoothukkudi, Vepery as Vepperi, Karur as Karoor and Mylapore as Mayilappoor.

Reaction on the change named of many places along with Coimbatore:-

The micro-blogging site, Twitter was pooled up with memes, jokes and views of people along with the hashtag #NameChange. The new names seemed to have been way longer in spellings than expected by the people and with new pronunciations.

The reason being people had already been accustomed to the initial names whereas some even pointed out the pandemic situation. There were views by people saying that the new names leading to changes in boards would lead to an addition in expenditure during the pandemic.

Some other people had the opinion that the move was appropriate however, the time is not right. There were more people having the view that this was a right move as the Anglicized names also led to corruption. Some had applauded the move as the names are more near to the origin of Tamil Nadu and not based on their Anglicized names.

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