Chaiim Foundation has been helping the survivors

Know how Chaiim Foundation has been helping the survivors of human trafficking.

Chaiim Foundation has been doing a commendable work by giving hope through their training program to women who have been victims of prostitution. It provides alternative economic solutions to women and makes them ready for leading roles to a better life.

The foundation along with its clothing brand has made many stories of revival of victims of prostitution. The Foundation has also been doing commendable work during the pandemic with support of the survivors also.

About Chaiim Foundation:-

Chaiim Foundation moves ahead with the aim to celebrate women not only trafficked women while providing them additional support to take up leadership roles. The survivors are very carefully rehabilitated from their training program, inspirational sessions, sensitization workshop etc.

 They strive to support the survivors through critical stages of life like, marriage, career, motherhood etc. while helping them make safe decisions. 

About the 4 year rehabilitation program in the Chaiim Model:-

The Chaiim Foundation supports the survivor through its 4 year Rehabilitation program. The survivors out of this program witness remarkable growth through vocational training and counseling. The Chaiim Foundation takes pride in helping 200 survivors till date and currently 35 are present in their program.

 The foundation foremost takes a medical health checkup of the survivor, specifically for HIV+ and expert medication is made available. There is a life skill training included in the program too every week so that there is a positive outcome in their behavior and choices.

The rehabilitation program also includes vocational training according to the survivor’s grasping capacity. The Foundation assists each one of them according to age, employment according to abilities, educational level; and employment opportunities available in nearby locations. 

The Chaiim Foundation states that some of their girls are doing their 10th grade with subjects like Marathi, English, Home Science, Hindi, Computers etc. Some of them have never seen school and are getting the opportunity at Chaiim Foundation, while some are doing courses like Nursing, Computers etc. 

Chaiim Foundation states that many of these women were forced into prostitution through trafficking and poverty. Foundation is offering these women by creating employment opportunities through Chaiim Humanitarian Clothings. Foundation has also been counseling these survivors in their program who had gone through tortuous experiences.

The main challenge they face is of society, acceptance and many other complex problems, for which Chaiim Foundation has been supporting them. Foundation along with the program offers them better housing options which they can call as their home. 

These homes have a house mother appointed by Foundation and the expenses are shared by all the girls with nearby facilities.  

The work done by Chaiim Foundation during covid-19:-

The Chaiim Foundation recently partnered with Adah by Leesha for making their handcrafted earrings by the girls of Foundation. The girls of the Foundation have been stitching masks from the leftover fabric and had made food to distribute among the Mumbai police also. 

The Foundation witnessed a marriage of one of the survivors and the girls helped the daily wage earners at the Chaiim Foundation also. The Chaiim Foundation had been successful in raising funds with Natasha Mathia’s online makeup workshop to raise funds for the needy. 

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