bipasha-basu-campaigned-for-fundraising-event-choti-si-asha by rotary club

Bipasha Basu had recently campaigned for the fundraising event Choti Si Asha by Rotary club of Bombay.

Bipasha Basu had recently campaigned for a fundraiser which is going to take place on 28th June, Choti Si Asha, on her official Instagram handle. The initiative is taken jointly by Rotary club of Bombay, Rotary India and Wizcraft for the children who are disadvantaged.

About the Instagram post shared by Bipasha Basu for campaigning of Choti Si Asha, fundraising event:-

Bipasha Basu on 11th June had shared a video of the fundraising event schedules to happen on 28th June. The video shared by Bipasha Basu showed some of the pictures and videos of disadvantaged children and videos of Indian singers. Bipasha Basu had further conveyed through her caption, “Together, let’s make the future of disadvantaged children better.”

Bipasha Basu had further urged for being a part of the event which is an initiative jointly of Rotary club of Bombay, Rotary India and Wizcraft. Bipasha Basu had also mentioned that one can be a part of the event sharing or uploading a video in order to help the disadvantaged children.

She further conveyed, “Be a part of the humanitarian initiative.” Bipasha Basu had got lots of appreciations in the comment sections and her followers liked it.

About the fundraising event, Choti Si Asha, campaigned by Bipasha Basu:-

Choti Si Asha is a fundraising event that will be conducted by Rotary club of Bombay, Rotary India and Wizcraft jointly for the future of disadvantaged children. The fundraiser is aimed to provide immediate relief in the field of education, health, nutrition, and skill development of the child.

This would be a virtual fundraiser which will stream live on various media platforms, with duration of three hours. The program is planned to feature various celebrities, tell stories of real life heroes and further it would have various other activities. The activities shall include poetry, dancing and singing.

There would be also a minimum of Rs. 200 crore committed towards the covid-19 relief works. The event would be an initiative of people and a donation link would be available during the event.

The donations collected during the event would be directed to projects for children and covid-19. The funds raised through the event shall provide support to long and short term projects of children, provide 1 crore Masks, More than 100,000 PPE kits etc.

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