Bingo represents three corners of its triangular chips as by India, for India and of India, while supporting #VocalforLocal.

Bingo Comedy Adda on Instagram had released a short video of its Mad Angle, for promoting the brand as Made in India. The representation was made by placing the chip and representing its corners as by India, of India and for India.

About the instagram post by Bingo’s Comedy Adda:-

Bingo Comedy Adda had released a video about the Mad Angles, while the angle was rotating in its dimensions. The Bingo brand comes with its Mad Angles chips in triangular shape. The brand had shown the three dimensions of the chip while rotating as by India, for India and of India. 

The brand had used the motto vocal for locals given by PM Modi for its chips’ advertisement. The three corners represented that Bingo is an Indian brand in the category of foods in the ITC Limited. Company is extending the motto had also captioned the creative advertisement as Made in India. 

The brand had also captions on the Instagram post that Mad Angles provides each and which is swadeshi i.e. Indian made. The brand had also captioned hashtags like #VocalforLocal, #Atmanirbharta and #SelfReliant in the Instagram post.

The brand focuses on advertisement that brand to be made in India pertaining to the vocal for local movement going in India. The peculiarity of the advertisement was promoting the brand through a creative idea. The Bingo Comedy Adda has also come up with some of the hilarious posts as well as creative advertisements on Instagram as an effective brand promotion. 

Company has come with similar kinds of advertisements even before which are moreover a treat to watch Company

About the Indian brand Bingo:-

ITC Limited had launched Bingo in its food division on 14th March 2007 and from then it has become one of the most adored Indian snacks.  Bingo has beat many other brands of chips in the food division and blossomed out with its marketing strategy. Company has been given to India since its launch a variety of products, which include Mad angles, Yumitos etc. in Indian flavors also. 

Company has not only been focusing on advertisements but also its packaging and its availability everywhere even in a small pan shop. The brand maintains its marketing strategy and has been effective in raising great profits even through its price and quantity ratio. 

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