udaipur declared contaminated zone

Because of this Udaipur declared as a containment zone.

Udaipur was declared as a containment zone after it witnessed a progressing surge crossing 112 markups. There have been various incidents that came into light because of the surge adding up to the decision of making a containment zone.

Condition in Rajasthan and Udaipur:-

Rajasthan witnessed a surge in cases with 33 more cases making it reach an estimate of 3,741. The death toll reported in the state has also increased and now stands to an estimate of 107 deaths. It has also been reported that there has been a gradual surge seen in cases of Udaipur and has crossed the 100 markup to 112 cases in the last 24 hours. 

Because of this Udaipur declared as a containment zone:-

The district collector Anandhi had declared the entire Udaipur city to be a containment zone until 22nd May excluding industrial areas. The decision got implemented after a record of 59 cases on Friday were witnessed, accompanying this estimate even on Saturday 20 more cases added to the list. 

It was also observed out of the maximum cases in Kanji-ka-Hata area of 55 cases, it consisted of 26 sanitation workers. UMC commissioner Ankit Singh as a precautionary measure declared a holiday for 1,750 sanitation workers which would be for two days. Deputy Mayor Paras Singhvi also stated that the infected workers’ contact history has been put to a tracing process. 

The UIT also witnessed three personnel to be tested positive which consisted of a driver and a Revenue inspector. UIT secretary Arun Hasija stated as a precautionary measure all the staff have been instructed to be home quarantined. 

Other Incidents happened recently in Udaipur:-

 Dr Dinesh Kharadi,  Udaipur’s chief medical and health officer (CHMO), had stated it came into light about the surge after some locality people went through testing. It detected a 30-year-old constable residing in Kanji ka Hatta area of the city with the Home Guard tested positive. After that further reports also detected other people connected to him like his mother and father, wife, two neighbours and a cousin were tested positive. 

Saturday witnessed another incident, of a pregnant woman who had gone to deliver her baby in Zenana hospital of the city. She had been detected positive, leading to the entire staff to be quarantined and the baby being tested too.   

Area-wise condition of Udaipur:- 

The Kanji ki Haata, Hiranmagri area has accounted for the most number of cases, estimating around 63. The next in the list is Kanji’s Hata – Jogiwara – Nehru Bazaar – Maheshwari Sehri with 18 cases and Kanji’s Hata-Jogiwada-Ashok Nagar with 9 cases. Savina and Kanji ki haata had reported 6 cases each. Raza Colony had reported 4 cases each along with Salumbar, Thamla mavli, New Bhupalpura, Debari and Guariwas with one in each.

New restrictions imposed in Udaipur:-

Anandhi, the District collector declared offices and establishments, all of them were instructed to be closed. There would be no movement permitted in Udaipur between 7 am and 7 pm except having a pass. The modified relaxations are rejected and three police stations including Dhanmandi, Ghantaghar and Surajpole are instructed to observe a curfew. 

These stations have large densely populated areas under their control like  Asthal Mandir, Nayakwadi, Shivaji Nagar, Kailash colony, Beeda, Mukherji Chowk, Kheradiwada, etc. Containment zones are implemented within the 1 km and 3 km radius covering area from the residence of home guard constable, while the movement of people there is completely curbed. 

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