Battle against coronavirus: Kalyan MC, police act the hero of stranded workers, give nourishment and haven

Img source- firstpost.com
Transient workers and destitute are most noticeably terrible hit by the phenomenal lockdown forced the nation over to control the spread of the novel coronavirus lockdown. 
The Covid-19 lockdown has looted these every day bets of their day by day salary. They state they have no nourishment to take care of their families. 
In Maharashtra’s Kalyan, where more than 20 stay stranded at railroad station and transport terminal, the city body alongside the police have met up to deal with these day by day wage workers and destitute. 
After they were made mindful of the issue, KDMC (Kalyan Dombivali Civil Partnership) and the police division furnished the stranded day by day bets with nourishment and water and later with the assistance of social associations, orchestrated a safe house till the lockdown is set up. 
The laborers had purportedly been without nourishment or water for two days. 
The laborers are presently stopped at a dharmashala in Kalyan where they are given asylum, nourishment and drugs, KDMC Official Vijay Suryawanshi said. 
Manoj Bhatt, one of the stranded specialists, revealed to India Today, I had as of late been to Mumbai to search for an occupation as a cook. I got a new line of work yet as the lockdown was reported, the inn was closed and I had no spot to remain from that point onward, I had to get back.” 
I had a go at arriving at my local spot yet with no vehicle, I had to remain at the railroad station. I had no water or nourishment after the primary day. I thank the KDMC authorities and other people who have dealt with us in these troublesome occasions.

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