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Atul Khatri will finally conduct another virtual stand-up comedy show, after completing a couple of private shows.

Atul Khatri, one of the best stand-up comedians is all set to conduct a virtual stand-up comedy show for all audiences. The comedian had previously conducted a couple of private shows too in the lockdown. The stand-up comedian is all set to lighten up the mood in his own style on 22nd May.

The registration of the show is also listed down in the Paytm Insider along with the details. He had recently started an initiative too on only positive news, with a series of videos. He has been reading out on only positive news amidst the negativity spread after the pandemic to give his followers their own dose of laughter. 

About the announcement of the live stand-up comedy show by Atul Khatri:-

Atul Khatri had shared a poster of his next live stand-up comedy show on 19th May which is on Adult comedy and with an age criteria above 18 years. Atul Khatri had done many stand-up comedy shows virtually and the next one was posted on 19th May. 

The stand-up comedian had also shared a picture of the shows conducted by him He stated in the caption that some were corporate shows, birthday parties, couple kitty parties and divorce celebrations. Atul Khatri had also started a series of Only Positive News too and recently the initiative has reached till the 62nd episode. 

Atul Khatri in these series has been seen sharing positive news amidst the negativity spread during the pandemic. He has been productive during the lockdown and has now headed to his next online stand-up comedy show. Atul Khatri had got overwhelming response for similar kinds of shows previously too. 

About the 10 p.m. show that would give you dose of laughter:-

Atul Khatri after success of only positive news is back with next live online stand-up comedy. This has been planned to be conducted on 22nd May, Friday at 10 p.m. The details of the event say that the show will have Atul Khatri speaking on his experiences and life. 

The participants are advised to stay in a quiet room and the age criterion is 18+ for everyone. It would be conducted through zoom video chat and the price would be Rs.499. People interested can buy tickets on Paytm Insider for the show. The terms and conditions should also be kept in mind for any live-streaming event. 

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