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Here is why Atlas Cycle closed their last plant in Sahibabad too ironically on world bicycle day, while laying-off 1,000 workers.

Atlas Cycle closed their last plant in Sahibabad which is in Ghaziabad after falling short of funds. It was also reported that 1,000 working there were facing many difficulties and had started a protest too. They had been not informed with a prior notice or by including their point of view before taking the crucial decision as their livelihoods were at stake. 

About the decision passed by Atlas cycle:-

The last plant of Atlas cycle was shut down on Wednesday while along with a notice of temporarily laying-off its employees. The notice was not informed to the employees previously and on Wednesday when they reached the plant they were not let in the plant. 

The security guard pointed out a notice letter put up by Atlas cycle of temporarily laying them off. The letter pasted on the gate read out that the Atlas Company had been going through a financial crisis and now they were completely exhausted with funds.

 The notice also read that they have been exhausted with funds even for buying raw materials. It further read about temporarily laying off 1,000 employees, while affecting their livelihoods, as a consequence some even observed protests.

The statements given by workers for the decision passed by Atlas cycles:-

The leader of the worker union, Mahesh Kumar had also stated that the workers had worked in the factory on Monday and Tuesday but the situation appeared normal. They were not informed about it also on these days also and suddenly put up this notice. 

He further stated that they shall not be silent and raise voice against it for sure because their condition was not good originally too because of the lockdown. The workers laid off also consisted of some which had been in service for years and everyone just conveyed their grievance regarding their livelihoods. 

They were informed that they were made to sign even after they were laid off by the watchman. He had also stated them not to sign for holidays and the signing would make them eligible for laid-off benefits provided by Atlas cycle. 

The factory manager of Atlas cycle NP Singh Rana was reported not to receive or respond to the workers on calls or messages as stated by the workers.

Other plants of Atlas cycle:-

Atlas cycle after taking the poignant decision on Wednesday for shutting off its last plant on Wednesday in Sahibabad would not be visible in India now. The Atlas cycle before had closed two more plants in Sonipat and in Madhya Pradesh too. The company has been witnessing a crisis leading to its closure; however thousands of livelihoods have been on stake in one time. 

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