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Arnab Goswami, Republic TV Editor-in-Chief, was interrogated on Wednesday by the Mumbai Police over 2 FIRs lodged against him.

Arnab Goswami, Republic TV Editor-in-Chief, at NM Joshi Marg Police station for conducting questioning over 2 FIRs lodged against him on 10th June. Arnab after the tiresome questioning of around two hours stated that the cases against him have been fabricated and are fake and will now move the courts for it. The CFO of Republic TV, S Sundaram was also questioned along with Arnab Goswami for 3 hours.

About the questioning conducted over Arnab Goswami on 10th June:-

The second interrogation conducted over Arnab Goswami in 45 days was on 10th June, at the NM Joshi Marg Police station.
Arnab Goswami and The CFO of Republic TV, S Sundaram, according to reports have gone through 28 hours of stressful interrogation rounds. He was reported to go through an interview of about 2 hours while he reached the Police station, questioning of S Sundaram, was already going on.

About the FIRs lodged against Arnab Goswami:-

There have been two FIRs lodged against Arnab Goswami according to reports, of which the first one was on Sadhu lynching case. He had been accused of provocative comments made on the case during the news show dated on April 29, 2020.

The second case was lodged against Arnab Goswami in connection with the gathering that had taken place amidst covid-19 outside Bandra Railway Terminus. Republic TV had exposed some of the clips and truth over the event that had taken place. Arnab Goswami as a consequence is charged under sections of IPC like 153A, 295A, 500, 153, 120B and 505 (2).

Statements given by Arnab Goswami after the questioning took place on 11th June by Mumbai Police:-

He had stated all these cases are fabricated and fake while he also stated that they have been lodged by Congress, Sonia Gandhi team and Vadra. He even stated that the reward for journalism in the State of Maharashtra is given by being present for questioning for journalism. He also stated that was political harassment however he will win as truth is by his side and the Congress is playing vendetta politics.

Arnab had also stated that during the questioning he had proved the attempt to use 2 % to 3% of the program against him. He further stated when he was about to prove the case being fabricated, the IO told to meet for questioning again.

He further conveyed his concerns to expose himself during covid-19. He had further stated them to ask right now however he said it didn’t seem they had anything to ask and would further conduct an investigation on him. He also stated that now he shall fight in courts with the hearing scheduled on Friday.

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